New SMS/TXT Messaging Discounts and Updates from CycloneFPV

New SMS/TXT Messaging Discounts and Updates from CycloneFPV

I am excited to announce today that we have integrated out online platform to now use SMS/TXT Message update options to all of our client base. The features include:

  • SMS Order Updates and Order Confirmations
  • SMS Shipping Updates and Delivery Confirmations
  • Cart Updates and Coupons

If you have opted in to receive email marketing from us then you will also be opted in now for text message updates. You can also turn this off by replying with the words STOP. Also, I am limiting this to USA and Canada based customers for now in order to monitor the use and best practice methods before I enable this for our customer base located outside of the USA and Canada region.

You can always opt in to our messaging platform by simply filling out this form here. You will receive a notice to confirm your registration and once this is done, you are all set!


New SMS/Text Discounts

I am sending exclusive coupons and discount codes to sms subscribers. Sign up for your exclusive code!

Message and Data Rates may apply. Opt out by replying with STOP.

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