How to upgrade your FrSky Horus X10/X10Express to ETHOS

How to upgrade your FrSky Horus X10/X10Express to ETHOS (v1.0.12)

Outside Referenced Links:

  • Click here to visit the FrSky X10Express downloads Page
  • Click here to visit the FrSky Ethos website
  • Click here to visit the Ethos Github recent release page
  • Click here to visit the Ethos File Storage information page
  • Click here to download the Ethos manual in English
  • Please note that you will need to also download OpenTX to perform the function of installing the bootloader.bin file. 

Instructions begin here: (see video below to follow along)

  1. Format SDCard (do not insert into radio yet)
  2. Download your SD Card Contents from here:
  3. Download Bootloader.bin file from here:
  4. Download Firmware for v1.0.12 from the list below:
    1. Horus X10 with ISRM Update (click here)
    2. Horus X10 Express (click here)
  5. Extract SD Card Contents and perform the following actions:
    1. Copy the two folders from the SD Card Contents to the root directory of the SDCard you just formatted
      1. IMPORTANT: If you are upgrade from an older version of ETHOS and are using the same SDCard, please make sure to delete the following files:
        1. radio.bin
        2. models folder
    2. Copy the Firmware.bin file from the v1.0.12 firmware download to the root directory of the SDCard
    3. Remove the SDCard from your PC but DO NOT insert it into your radio just yet
  6. Turn radio off and plug it into Windows PC USB Port (RADIO POWER OFF)
  7. Open Open-TX and click the button to flash firmware to radio
  9. When Bootloader.bin is finished, safe eject radio from USB and unplug the USB Cable. Leave the radio off. 
  10. Take your SDCard and insert it into the SDCard slot on your radio
  11. Press and hold the Enter Button (center round on right side) and press the power button. When screen comes on, let go. You should see the word Bootloader quickly appear and then the a message stating that your firmware is being upgraded.
  12. Once this is done, your screen will go back to showing the word Bootloader.
  13. Press the power button one time to turn your radio off.
  14. Press your power button again to turn it back on and your ETHOS OS should now be loaded and prompting you for additional actions.

A few things to note:

  1. Your first screen will be a language selection screen. 
  2. You may then see a Radio Data Load screen that indicates that there has been a storage error followed by "Starting calibration...". This is normal. Just continue by clicking the Enter Button to select OK.
  3. You will begin the process of calibrating your sticks and dials. Make sure to place all the items in their center position and being the process.
  4. When you are done simply click through to the next screen. 
  5. You may see another error message stating that there was an issue loading a model wizard. This is also ok. Simply click through and you will be taken to the "Create Model" page. Now you can begin the process of setting up your ETHOS OS with your X10.
  6. Plug radio into Windows PC USB Cable
  7. Copy Extracted SDCard Contents to Radio SDCard (make sure to delete the audio languages you do not need)
  8. Copy Firmware.bin file from v1.0.12 to SDCard
  9. Delete all /models folder if present
  10. Delete all radio.bin file if present
  11.  Safely Eject USB Device
  12. Unplug USB Cable and system will being to update
  13. When Update is complete, power off and then back on.
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