Tarek Maalouf - President Cyclone FPV

Tarek Maalouf - President, Cyclone FPV

Tarek Maalouf President Cyclone FPV
My wife Samantha and my sons Ashton, Landyn, and Jaidyn. Without the support from my wife and my sons, none of this would be possible. To my wife Samantha, you are amazing wife, and amazing Step-Mom, and you are my best friend. To my kiddos, I have always called you my "Amazing 3" and you make be the proudest Dad on earth. I love you all very much!

There is no doubt in my mind that the continued growth of the drone market is creating a much needed competitive infrastructure for clients all over the globe. With this growth and demand also comes the unfortunate creation of companies that clone, counterfeit, and/or attempt to create a product that falls well below the quality standards that all of us have come to expect when spending our hard earned dollars.

CycloneFPV was founded with the purpose of investing my own dollars to research product from many manufacturers and then take that information and apply it to custom high-end builds CycloneFPV customers. I have always been opposed to accepting free samples for testing and evaluations purposes due to the conflict of interest I believe can exist when greed overcomes ethics. Instead, each and every product I have acquired has been purchased under the same end-user pricing scale and terms that any other person would receive. I feel that by keeping this level of purchase history transparency, my personal evaluations and final product selections can be guaranteed to be bias free.

Outside of the electronic component selections and changes that take place each day, the majority of my time is spent designing, testing, and analyzing the frames and other components manufactured at CycloneFPV. As a Texas based company, my focus will remain to produce products that are held to the highest level of standards and strict testing guidelines, so that all CycloneFPV customers can be confident in the work we do here. I hand select each and every Carbon Fiber plate, G10FR4 plate, Polycarbonate and Acrylic Plates, as well as the various other material that play a vital role in CycloneFPV frames and accessories. Various other components that receive a full level of attention are the standoffs, screws, nuts, glues, epoxies, sealants, paints, and finishing products, all of which are quality tested for strength, durability, and precision.

Countless hours are dedicated to each and every CycloneFPV frame design, with more than 50% of the time spent destroying each new frame so that data can be collected to determine weaknesses and possible updates to address these areas. During the engineering process, careful attention is also placed into component updates and changes in the market place so that our frames can meet the growing demand for faster, better, and more powerful drones. Only after countless hours of engineering, building, testing, crashing, re-engineering, re-building, re-testing, and yes, more crashing, does the final product receive my approval to be placed on the market for sale.

The fact of the matter is that I put my heart and soul into this business with the hopes that I can demonstrate to my boys how hard work and honesty can pave the way for a successful business. I strive for quality over quantity, which is why I limit machine work to 25% of the overall work load that goes into each and every frame or custom made component. The remainder is completed by hand including cutting, sanding, buffing, drilling, polishing, painting, soldering, and so one, in an effort to never lose sight of the fact that human involvement creates a level of passion and appreciation that is lost on the mass production line.


Tarek I. Maalouf
Founder and Work Mule