Cyclone FPV Warranty, Refund, Repair, Shipping and Return Policies

Cyclone FPV Warranty, Refund, Repair, Shipping and Return Policies
Cyclone FPV Warranty, Refund, Repair, Shipping and Return Policies
(Updated March 3, 2022)

I have done my best to make sure all warranty and return policies are covered in detail here but if you have a question about our policies and cannot locate the information on this page, click this link to fill out our online contact form. Warranty Information:

I have worked hard to secure dealer agreements with all the brands that we currently keep in our inventory. Being an authorized dealer/reseller allows me to provide an additional level of support to all Cyclone FPV clients no matter the product type, cost, or location. However, it is very important that you read our entire policy and understand the limitations, expectations, and procedures we have in place to guarantee everyone an honest and successful support system.

 Warranty / Return Time Frame:

  • Unless it is otherwise stated during your time of purchase, the warranty on all items sold through Cyclone FPV is three (3) days from the date your shipment was delivered (updated 09/25/2020). While I have full faith in the products we sell, I still encourage all Cyclone FPV customers to inspect their package contents as soon as possible. Any issues or concerns should be immediately relayed back through our website using new online contact and ticket form.
    Warranty / Return Claim Instructions:
    • If you have received your order and have noticed the product(s) to be defective or otherwise damaged, you will need to go to our new online contact form to request an RMA. Make sure to fill out the form completely and then hang tight. The information will make its way over to myself or another Cyclone FPV support team member and will be reviewed promptly. Warranty claims will be handled using our Warranty Replacement Standards which can be found in detail further down on this page. 
      Warranty / Return Coverage and Limitations:
      • There is no doubt that if you are involved in the drone industry as a hobbyist or professional, you are well aware that damage to the components can come easy from misuse, abuse, poor soldering skills, voltage spikes, incorrect component matching, and so on. While we do give credit to the fact that products can arrive directly from the manufacturer in a non-working state, we must differentiate our coverage options based on whether or not the product has been opened, used, installed, tampered with, or otherwise altered from its physical state when it was delivered to you. Cyclone FPV offers different Warranty and Replacement options depending on the current state of the product in question.
        • Warranty / Return Coverage for Unopened Items:
          • If an item is unopened, a warranty claim cannot be filed. Instead, a return claim would be initiated with the sole purpose of exchanging the product due to packaging damage during shipping, change of mind by the customer, or incorrect product order during the sale. In either case, if you wish to file a return claim for an unopened item you will be permitted to do so without delay so long as your return claim is received within three (3) days from the date your shipment was delivered (updated 09/25/2020). As long as the returned product(s) has remained sealed and undamaged or tampered with, you will be issued a store credit for the full purchase price less shipping. Cyclone FPV will not refund shipping fees. 
          • Warranty / Return Coverage for Opened but Unused Items:
            • If you have received your product(s) and wish to return an item after it has been opened, you may file a return claim as long as it is done within three (3) days from the date your shipment was delivered (updated 09/25/2020) Opened items will be accepted for return but will be required to undergo inspection prior to any refunds being issued. As long as there is no damage to the opened item and all material remains as it was originally when received, you will be issued a store credit refund for the purchase price less a 20% restocking fee and any shipping charges. Goggles and other wearable material will not be permitted to be returned once opened due to Covid19 concerns. (updated 09/25/2020)
            • Warranty / Return Coverage for Used / Damaged Items:
              • If you have received your products and for whatever reason, the item in question has either stopped functioning or did not function, to begin with, you will need to complete our online RMA form and request a replacement item be sent to you. This must be done within three (3) days from the date your shipment was delivered (updated 09/25/2020) If your product no longer functions and you are outside of the three (3) days from the date your shipment was delivered (updated 09/25/2020), you will need to contact us using our online contact form and see if we can offer you some options that may help to remedy the issue. You can also contact the manufacturer of the product directly and utilize their warranty procedures as an alternative method.
              • Warranty / Return for Missing Packages:
                • Customers will have the option to select tracking or tracking with insurance when placing an order. It is our recommendation that each customer ship with insurance in order to help file a claim if and when your package is missing. Cyclone FPV will NOT be held responsible for missing packages. We will not issue refunds, returns, or exchanges for missing items. USPS First Class Shipping does not include insurance but does include tracking. USPS Priority Shipping does include $50.00 in insurance and tracking. Cyclone FPV now offers 3rd-party shipping insurance from Route. This insurance is automatically added to your cart but can be removed if you wish. For more information about Route Shipping Insurance or to File and Claim, please click here. 
              • Out of Warranty Options:
                • For those customers who have issues that fall outside of our Warranty and Replacement criteria, we will always do our best to try and help you by offering one of the following:
                  • A discount be offered to replace your damaged item with a brand new one, a gently used but tested one, or an item with similar characteristics
                  • An option to inspect the item to see if a repair can be performed to return the product to functioning status
                  • Direct contact with the manufacturer to utilize their full warranty services that come with their product.
              • Inventory Blowout and Used Items:
                • There are absolutely no returns or exchanges for these items. All sales from our "Inventory Blowout" and "Used Items" sections are final and all items are sold "As Is".
                • Please note that all "Inventory Blowout" items are new and unopened so you may still contact the manufacturer for any warranty or support questions you may have. If you are not willing to accept this policy please do not shop from these sections. 
              • Motors and Motor Return Requests:
                • Due to an increase in fraudulent motor RMA's, Cyclone FPV is requiring that all motor RMA's be sent in for inspection to determine if the issue is user-related or manufacturer related. 
                • Motors that have been used and show signs of damage due to miswiring, impact, or coil contact, will be void of any warranty replacement or repair by Cyclone FPV.
              Procedures Once an Item is Received:
              • Upon receipt of your item, we will spend time inspecting the unit so that we can attempt to determine the cause of the issue. This process can take a few days and, in some cases, may require us to reach out to the manufacturer if we find an issue that concerns us in regards to the assembly and integrity of the product itself.
                Procedures for Defective Products:
                • Defective on Arrival (DOA) items will be inspected prior to replacement. Any DOA claims made against items that have been powered up, soldered, or otherwise altered, will automatically be subject to Cyclone FPV inspection before any replacement can be offered. Cyclone FPV may also opt to send the item to the manufacturer for further testing if there are indications that customer use and/or abuse may be the cause.
                  Procedures for Damages by Customer:
                  • As much as we all dislike the idea that our work could have caused an issue with a product, attention must be given to this topic. First, I want to make it clear that we all completely understand that mistakes happen and I will do my best to make sure that products purchased from Cyclone FPV are supported no matter the issue. However, Cyclone FPV cannot warranty, replace, or repair, any products if the damage is caused by the following:
                    • Damage due to crashes or drone impacts
                    • Damage due to misuse/abuse of the product
                    • Damage due to errors in installation or soldering
                    • Damage due to voltage input errors
                    • Damage due to configuration/installation errors
                    • Damage due to operation outside the intended use
                    • In cases where any of the above scenarios may have played a direct role in the problems you are experiencing, I encourage you to be upfront and honest about it. I am more than willing to do what I can if I know ahead of time what sort of issues may have played a role in the current state of the product. However, if this information is withheld during the submission of your claim and determined to be the cause of the problem through our inspection process, claims will be denied immediately and you will have to contact the manufacturer for additional support. You will also be required to pre-pay return shipping prior to the item being sent back to. Simply put, be upfront and honest with our team and we will work hard to try and help you get back up and flying again.

                    Warranty and Non Warranty Repairs

                    • Cyclone FPV works with many manufacturers to offer warranty and non-warranty repairs for our customers and also those individuals who may have purchased their products from other authorized resellers. The process and guidelines for all repairs and inspections are listed below. Please familiarize yourself with these policies prior to opening an RMA ticket via our online RMA forms located on our support page:
                    1. Shipping - Unless otherwise stated, shipping will be paid to and from our facility by the customer. In some cases, warranty repairs will also include free shipping. It is the responsibility of the customer to verify their shipping responsibilities prior to submitting an item for warranty repair.
                    2. Inspection - Cyclone FPV technicians have the responsibility of inspecting all items submitted for RMA. These inspections are detailed and allow our team to report back reliable findings and analysis to the customer and the manufacturer. The time frame for inspections can take up to a week depending on how many inspections are already in line. 
                    3. Results - During our inspection, Cyclone FPV technicians may be required to disassemble all components in order to locate the cause of the issue. It is during this process that we will do our best to determine what happened, how it happened, and who may be at fault. Once we have concluded our inspection, we will relay our results to the customer and also the manufacturer. Our results are final and will not be subject to argument by either party. Should Cyclone FPV technicians determine that the issues are not as a result of manufacturer defect, but rather a problem caused by the customer, we will not issue approval for a warranty repair.
                    4. Dispute - In the event that the customer disputes our findings, he or she may contact the manufacturer and request further review. We will work with the manufacturer to discuss our findings and find a resolution if possible. If we are unable to find a resolution, we will contact you and request that you pay for the shipping to have the item sent back to you.
                    5. Completion and Shipping - Customers will be responsible for all shipping and insurance fees associated with the return of the part or parts. In the event that the manufacturer has agreed to cover the shipping costs, the customer will not have to pay to have the item returned. If we are unable to find a resolution to the issues, the customer will be required to pay for all return shipping costs and insurance fees. It is important to note that we will not reassemble any components if it is determined that there will be no repairs covered under warranty and the customer does not wish to proceed by paying out of pocket. Customers will have seven business days to arrange for the shipping fees to be paid for the return of their items. In the event that payment is not received within seven days of the creation of the invoice, the components will be deemed abandoned and will then become property of Cyclone FPV. 

                      Shipping Fees and Instructions:

                      Shipping Cutoff Time, Next Day Air,  and Tracking

                      • Our cutoff time for shipments is 10 AM due to early pick-up times by our carriers. This does not mean that an order placed after 10 AM will not be able to ship that same day, but it is best to assume that any order placed after 10 AM may ship the following business day.
                      • While CycloneFPV offers UPS Next Day Air and Two-Day Air services, we encourage our customers to contact us first to verify the availability of the items and make sure that we have not missed our cutoff time. 
                      • All tracking information is emailed directly to the customer once the label is printed at our facility. If the carrier’s tracking data is not updating, not providing proper information, or simply not functioning as it should, customers must contact the shipping company directly to request updates. If a package is missing or damaged, customers will need to file a claim with the carrier and / or the third-party insurance provider, Route, if that option was added to the cart during check-out.
                      Free Shipping for $100.00 and Up: (effective March 3, 2022)
                        • Items may not be delivered to a P.O. Box. 
                        • We reserve the right to cancel any orders that were found to be containing pricing errors which resulted in accidental free shipping
                        • Any orders placed with free shipping will be required to pay for return shipping on all items including DOA and Damaged goods
                        • Free Shipping applies to the 48 contiguous states only 
                        • Customers who return items that were shipped for free will have their shipping fees deducted from their eligible refund amount.
                        • Large boxed items and heavy items weighing more than two pounds may not qualify for free shipping due to varying rate changes. Please check the item carefully for shipping charges. Items that will require shipping fees will have the following added to the bottom of their description:
                          • ** Please note that due to the weight and price point, this item does not qualify for free shipping **
                        Shipping Labels and Fees:
                        • It is critical that you make sure to obtain an RMA# prior to shipping any product back to our facility. Products that do not contain RMA#'s on the shipping label WILL NOT be accepted/opened. 
                        • Once you have obtained an RMA# you will need to place your product safely inside your packaging material and mail using USPS First Class with Tracking (minimum) to the following address:
                          • ATTN RMA# (put your assigned RMA here)
                          • 5546 Silent Timber Path Lane
                          • Spring Texas 77386
                        Do not ship any product without tracking added. We will not be held responsible for packages that are missing. 

                          Return Shipping Labels and Fees:

                          • Unless stated otherwise during the claim process, customers will be responsible to cover all shipping fees to and from our facility during any repair, replacement, or exchange.
                            Return Time Frame:
                            • All returns must arrive at our facility within seven (7) days from the date your RMA# was issued. If your package has not arrived at our facility by that time, your RMA# will be void and your request will be closed. Time is of the essence so please see to it that if your request was approved, you do your best to ship your item promptly.  

                            Foreign Purchasing, Warranty, and Shipping Policies:

                            • Due to changes in laws, regulations, and import/export restrictions, customers are prohibited from using forwarding companies, i.e. using an address based in the United States for the sole purpose of having the product(s) forwarded to a foreign country. Customers who violate our policy will have their accounts immediately suspended and may also have their customer information turned over to the US Customs and Border Protection for further review.
                            • Customers who reside outside of the USA will be required to seek warranty and support information from the manufacturer of the part(s) they have ordered from Cyclone FPV. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that their location is able to receive warranty services and support prior to making an order. Cyclone FPV will not offer warranty services or support for products sent to foreign countries. We recommend that you check if the manufacturer offers support in your area prior to making any purchase from our website. 
                            • Cyclone FPV reserves the right to cancel any foreign order without explanation. Upon cancellation, all funds will be refunded immediately to the method of purchase.

                            Price Matching:

                            Cyclone FPV will be more than happy to price match products so long as the products meet the following criteria:
                            1. Items are being sold by an authorized USA dealer and items must presently in stock at a USA facility. 
                            2. Shipping and destination arrival must be no more than 3 business days. This avoids anyone attempting to list it as USA based but still wait for items to arrive from China.
                            3. Items must be immediately available for order and cannot be on back-order, pre-order, or currently out of stock status.
                            4. Item price must calculate shipping to your destination for price matching. Simply put, if the item is $3.00 cheaper but shipping is $3.00 more, do not waste our time trying to match the price and then use our free shipping. 
                            5. We must be able to order the product ourselves in order for the product to receive price matching.
                            6. Ths price cannot be advertised below the MAP. Companies that violate MAP are most likely leaving the industry, have decided not to follow protocol, or are simply looking to dump inventory. Take advantage of those situations if you can. We will not try to compete with that. 
                            7. Any other common sense factor will be taken into account. Considering that it is common sense, it may not be list here because we assume you probably already know about it. However, if there is a discrepancy, we will simply use our best judgement. One thing to note: Do not ask us to match anything that is being shipped from China. If you live in the USA, then you need to support USA based companies. Nickel and diming us is not the way to go about doing that. 

                            Cancellations and Credits:

                            • In the event that you happen to cancel your order before it is picked up by the carrier, we will do our best to make sure that the package is pulled. If we are able to do this, we will cancel the entire order immediately. Please note that credits can take up to 10 business days to appear back on your credit card or account. This is not in our control so we ask that you allow up to two weeks before contacting us about the credit appearing on your card. Please note that shipping charges may not be refunded until we have received confirmation from the carrier that a refund was processed. This means that you may receive a second refund for the shipping fees once we have been refunded by the carrier. 
                            • Effective March 2020, Shopify and PayPal are no longer refunding merchants the 3% transaction fees when an item is returned or a sale is cancelled. Customers who cancel their orders will receive their full refund less 3% for transaction costs that CycloneFPV pays for processing. In the event that the cancellation is due to inventory shortage, CycloneFPV will refund the 3% transaction fee as well. 

                              Thank you for taking the time to read through our warranty and return policies. If you have any questions about our policies please email us at or fill out our online contact form.


                              Tarek Maalouf
                              Founder and Work Mule
                              Cyclone FPV

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