Get RSSI to appear on OSD using Taranis Transmitter

Get RSSI to appear on OSD using Taranis transmitters from Cyclone FPV Tutorials

I have put some instructions here for people who are trying to get their RSSI to appear on their OSD. This is especially useful for those people that are using the R9Mini and R9MM as well as the XM series. While FrSky does have a firmware patch to push RSSI through channel 16, this is a manual way to assign it using your transmitter and BF settings. 

  1. go to your model input page (4/11 or 4/12)
  2. Locate an open channel input (I used channel 8 for this)
  3. Select it
  4. Locate the input line and name it RSSI but on the Xlite just RSS (not enough room for the I)
  5. Locate the source and make sure it is RSSI (not RSSI+ or RSSI-)
  6. Make sure your scale is set to 100.
  7. Exit out and go to the next page which is mixer (5/11 or 5/12)
  8. Select the same channel and enter the edit mode
  9. Find the mix name line and enter RSSI
  10. Verify your source is iRSSI or iRSS (depending on what you typed in input)
  11. Locate the weight and change it to 200
  12. Locate your offset and change it to -100
  13. Close out of all this and get to the main screen of your controller
  14. Open BetaFlight
  15. Go ahead and plug your LiPo in at this point
  16. Go to CLI
  17. Open your Receiver Page
  18. You should see the Aux Channel (in this case AUX 4) moving on the bars
  19. Now go to the top right of your receiver page and change the RSSI Channel to the Aux Channel that you are seeing move. 
  20. Save
  21. Now you should be able to go back to your Setup tab and see a value now that is in the RSSI section on the right. 
  22. Once this is done you will need to make sure that you can verify the actual reading vs. what you are seeing.
  23. First, on your transmitter you need to go to the mixer page and set the max range of this channel to 2000. (by default when your RSSI is at 100% you may see 2011 as your value in the receiver tab. 
  24. Once you set your max in the transmitter to 2000 on your mixer page you will see 2000 as your reading when you are at 100% RSSI
  25. To test that the values are equal make sure to take your transmitter and set it away from the location of your receiver.
  26. Get an estimated reading (go to another room for example)
  27. Make sure that when you check your reading in BF on the setup page you are seeing a similar reading value (ex. if your transmitter shows 90% your setup page needs to show the same)
  28. If you are not reading the same percentages, open your CLI and type the command set rssi_scale = and then enter a number (50 is a good start) and hit enter and save. You should be close to reading the same.


That about does it. If you have an issue with this please let me know and I will assist. 

Tarek Maalouf
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