ImmersionRC RapidFire Firmware Updates from Cyclone FPV Tutorials

ImmersionRC RapidFire Firmware Updates from Cyclone FPV Tutorials

ImmersionRC RapidFire Firmware Updates from Cyclone FPV Tutorials

I posted a video earlier this week regarding the issues I was having with the ImmersionRC RapidFire module and some of the cameras in my setup. The flickering between Color and B&W when recording to my Fat Shark HDO's was extremely bothersome so I spent some time trying to figure out the work-around. 

It appears as though this is an issue when you are set to RapidFire Mode#1 under the Modes menu in your module. With the firmware update there is now a RapidFire Mode#2 which seems to allow you to remain in RapidFire mode but remove the issues at hand. You will need to do a firmware update to make this work.

I have included the links here and provided the files for you so that you can download them quickly and complete your update. Once updated, you should be able to fix the issue. Also, if Mode#2 does not work for you, then you can switch to Legacy mode and try it. The only issue is that Legacy mode does not provide the RapidFire specail feature of combining signals but instead, simply acts like a standard Diversity Module by switching between frequencies to find the best signal. Under this mode, the RapidFire simply becomes and overpaid piece of equipment but it should still work. 

First, you will need to download the program that provides firmware updates:

Click here if you are running Windows

Click here if you are running Mac OS

Once you download the necessary file from above, you will need to extract it and install it to your PC. When you are done, assuming your drivers are installed correctly for your USB connection, simply open the software and then plug in your module to your USB port. Make sure you are pressing down on the joystick of your module while you plug in your USB cable. This will put the RapidFire Module in DFU mode and allow you to perform a firmware update. 

Once plugged in, you can check the top right of the firmware software screen and you will see an option that you can click on to update your firmware. Select this option and the firmware will begin to update. There is also a dropdown menu to select the firmware version as well as an option to provide Beta versions. I would not use the Beta versions at this time. Simply make sure that your drop down option shows the newest version and then click the button to update. 

Once complete, make sure to do a safe removal of your USB device and you are ready to go!

Hope this helps. 

This is the recent video I put online showing the issues I was having:

Tarek Maalouf
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  • Juan Tomas Mata - June 27, 2019

    thanks for this… however your windows/mac links are flip flopped. just fyi,

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