DJI Digital FPV Goggles Analog Mod

DJI Digital FPV Goggles Analog Mod from Cyclone FPV

(I will be updating this later this weekend (dec 2019) but for now here are some notes to go with the videos)

Items you will need:

Click here to watch part 1 of 2 - the basic wiring setup. Here are some important notes about this portion:

  • The 5V will go to pin 1 on the back of the Furious Module
  • The Ground will go to pin 3 on the back of the Furious Module
  • Ring #2 which is the second ring from the base of the audio/video cable (not the second ring from the top) is the video connection you need to solder to the module. Use your multi-meter to perform a continuity test to find the wire that is attached to ring #2
  • The Video cable for ring #2 will go to pin #6 on the back of the Furious Module
  • The Ground wire from the video connection will solder to pin #3 on the back of the Furious Module (same pin as the ground from the 5V converter)

Once you have done this you will then perform the following:

  • The 2.1mm female barrel connector will solder to the 5v converter (it will solder to the incoming wires on the converter. The 5V outgoing should be soldered to the module as stated above)
  • The 2.1mm male barrel connecter will solder to the same location as the female (on the input side of the converter)
  • What you have now done is create a "passthrough" where the female connection will be the input from your LiPo and the male connection will send the full LiPo out to the goggles in order to power up the goggles without converting the voltage. Then, the module will be connected to the 5V converted side and will be powered this way.
  • Now take the male barrel connector and plug that into the goggles female connector and your goggles have power and so does your module. 

Ok, this is pretty much the easiest method to do this that I have found. Here are a few things to note if you have issues:

  • If your screen is blank when you try to see video, it might be that your ground from the video cable is not soldered to the ground on the module. Make sure to do this.
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