Motor Size and Mounting Chart

Motor Size and Mounting Chart from Cyclone FPV

I will be adding some information to this page over the next few weeks to update the new motor sizes and mounting information. For now, I will just be posting picture.

The first picture here is a rough drawing of the bolt pattern for a 22XX motor. Please note that each size is multiplied by 10 so 134.4mm is actually 13.44mm and so on. The standard bolt pattern in the past for 22xx was an offset pattern with 2 M3x16 and 2 M3x19. Changes in motor bolt patterns have now made the pattern 4 M3x16 with each screw evenly spaced apart from each other and the center of the motor. 

Cyclone FPV 22XX Motor Bolt Pattern Diagram


The next picture (below) is shows the bolt pattern for an 18XX drone motor. In this picture you will notice the bolt offset that has the holes spaced evenly apart 84.9 mm from each other with a distance of 6mm from the center of the motor at a 45 degree angle. The center hole is set at a diameter of 5mm which is almost have of the diameter of the 22xx motors. There is no harm in having a larger center cut out area except for the possibility of more dirt entering the motor area during a hard landing or dirty landing. 

Cyclone FPV 18xx Drone Motor Bolt Pattern


The final bolt pattern provided on this page is for the 11xx drone motor series. these are considerably smaller motors and feature an M2x9 bolt pattern that is also spaced out evenly. The distance from the center of the motor to each mounting hold is 4.5mm.

Cyclone FPV 11xx Drone Motor Bolt Pattern

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