Winter Weather Delays for Feb 2021

Winter Weather Delays for Feb 2021

02/22/21 - 11:06AM

We have been notified that orders shipped via USPS between the 15th -19th of February may not show updated tracking due to issues from USPS relating to the recent winter storm. Some packages were not scanned at the time they were picked up, which will delay tracking updates until they are either delivered to their final location or until they are scanned at a USPS sorting center. We will continue to monitor the packages and tracking updates daily. 

02/18/21 - 9:01AM

We have just confirmed that USPS is going to begin their daily routes again today. We are now going to be getting all of our UPS and USPS packages out today based on the updates from both carriers. 

02/17/21 - 5:51PM

I received a call that said UPS will be back on track tomorrow. All shipments are heading out. Here we go!

02/17/21 - 11:25AM

UPS and USPS have all indicated that they are not running routes until the weather conditions allow for safer travel. Our location has been met with temps as low as 12 degrees while some other parts of Texas have reported temps below 0. The snow, ice, and now rain, has created hazardous road conditions which has brought UPS and USPS to a halt. We are checking back daily for updates. Today we have been told that USPS and UPS are not running but we are continuing to check back for more updates. 

Label Updates:

For those of you who have orders turned in, some of you may have already received notices of labels being created. This was done in order to make sure that all packages were ready to ship in the event that the carriers were able to complete their routes. Updates will not post on those labels until the packages are picked up and scanned. 

DJI V2 Goggles and Other Orders:

Customers who ordered their DJI v2 FPV Goggles are all set, but until the carriers come around to pick up the packages, we are unable to get our inventory out. If any customers wish to cancel their recent orders, please do so by logging into your account. From there you can view your orders and opt to cancel. If you are unable to cancel for any reason, please click here to contact us and select the "Cancel Order" option from the drop down menu. 

Please check back here on this page for updates. I will do my best to post them throughout the day. Thank you and God Bless.


Tarek Maalouf
"Work Mule"
Cyclone FPV
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