DJI V1 FPV Goggle Buy-Back / Trade-In Program

DJI V1 FPV Goggle Buy-Back / Trade-In Program from Cyclone FPV

Cyclone FPV is offering a $400.00 DJI V1 FPV Goggle Buy-Back / Trade-In Program for mint condition goggles. Please read the information carefully and make sure you fully understand the process before continuing.

Buy-Back / Trade-In Details:

  • Payment: PayPal Goods and Services
  • Amount: $400.00 for mint
  • Shipping: We will cover $10.00 for UPS shipping with Insurance for $400.00. This will be credit to your Cyclone FPV account upon arrival and inspection
  • Time Limit: Due to market adjustments, packages must be shipped, and tracking must be provided, within 48 hours of form submission. Any goggles shipping after the 48 hour time period may not be accepted. 
  • Condition: Mint condition means no scratch, marks, bumps, dents, or other markings that would indicate use. Face pad, head straps, antennas, and lipo cable are a must. If you have upgrade or changed these, please indicate when completing your form below

Inspection Process:

  • Cyclone FPV has not had to return or reject a pair of used V1's to date but we do reserve the right to do so if the goggles are not as described. It is best that you please include any pictures and information that may be needed in the vent that there are marks or issues that would cause these goggles to be rated as anything other than mint. 
  • Once we have inspected the goggles, we will contact you to inform you if our inspection went well or if we found some issues that would not allow them to pass as mint. 
  • If we find issues that cause them to be classified as anything other than mint, we will contact you to discuss the issues and work towards a resolution. 
  • When a resolution is unable to be reached, we will simply ship the goggles back and request a refund for the purchase price. 

If you agree to the terms above, please make sure to fill out the form below in its entirety. Please note that you will have to provide tracking information to us no later than 48 hours after submitting this form. 

By clicking "Send" you agree to the terms posted above and understand that you must ship your goggles and provide tracking within 48 hours of the form submission.

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