DJI "Brick" Shipping Manifesto

DJI "Brick" Shipping Manifesto from Cyclone FPV

Please refer to the shipping schedule below to determine where you are in the list of scheduled recipients. We have opted to remove the physical address of each recipient and just add the State and Tracking. If you wish to be added to this list, please click here to checkout now. 

Ship Date  Customer Name State Tracking
03/17/2021 Michael Anderson OK
click here
03/22/2021 Chris Nerone MI
03/31/2021 Matthew Howit CA click here
04/05/2021 Andrew Freiberger MO click here
04/08/2021 Dean Farry CA click here
04/14/2021 Thomas Marshick MI click here
04/22/2021 Kenneth Pottle ME click here
05/01/2021 Bruce Beckman GA click here
05/04/2021 Preston Wardlow KS click here
Brandon Hess WV
06/07/21 Jesse Helms OH
06/14/21 Daniel Salazar CA
Adam Kramer NJ
David Blackwell NY
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