Soldering Station with Heat Gun

FPV Elite

$44.99 $49.99

Soldering Station with Heat Gun from Cyclone FPV

  • Brand: GORDAK
  • Model: 8586D
  • Voltage: 110V / 220V (switchable) USA Plug
  • Hot Air Gun:
  • Power: 450w
  • Fan: Brushless ball
  • Airflow : 120L/min(max)
  • Temp Control: 100~500℃

Soldering Hot Iron:

  • Power:60 W
  • Output Voltage:24V
  • Resistant : < 2Ω
  • Temp Stability: ± 1℃
  • Iron: ESD design
  • Heater Material: Ceramic heater
  • Temp Control: 200~480℃


  • An intelligent temperature control system, high-temperature control accuracy, sharing the same display, can switch the temperature value of the soldering iron or air gun, setting the temperature is convenient and simple.
  • Temperature LED digital display, long life. Integrated heat gun and soldering iron. The brushless fan has a very long life, very low noise, and a gentle wind to protect the chip! In addition, the system has an automatic cold air function, which automatically enters the energy-saving state when cooled to 100 °C! (Standby mode: the air gun port is up, you can cool down to 100 °C, then enter the energy-saving state)


  • The sensor is closed-loop, the microcomputer cross-zero triggers temperature control, the power is large, the temperature rises rapidly, the temperature is stable, and it is not affected by the wind;
  • The airflow is adjustable, the air volume is large and the air is soft, the temperature adjustment is convenient, and it can adapt to various uses;
  • The system has an automatic cold air function, which can extend the life of the heating element and protect the heat gun;
  • The body is small, durable and beautiful;
  • The original imported brushless fan has a very long life, very low noise, using high-quality heaters, the efficiency can be doubled under the same power, effectively extending the working life of the heater and saving power;
  • Suitable for most surface mount parts desoldering can safely desolder QFP, PLCC, SOP, BGA, and other temperature-sensitive components.