FrSky X9Lite Setup Out of Box with XMPlus from Cyclone FPV

FrSky X9Lite Setup Out of Box from Cyclone FPV

(updated 04/11/2020)

This update now gives you the direct links to download the edited files for the SDCard and firmware files etc.


Products Used:

(Below is original Update Content)

This tutorial was intended to be used with new FrSky X9Lite Radios but can be applied to others as well. The idea is to know how to run OpenTX, Load Firmware, Sync the SD Card to the Folders Created, and then load Firmware Updates from FrSky to make sure everything binds.

What you will need:

  • FrSky X9Lite Radio
  • Two Charged 18650 Batteries
  • SDCard - Any size (I show you how to partition large "unreadable ones")
  • Computer with Internet Connection
  • USB Cable

The first video you will see had to be edited quite a bit because of the interruptions I had during the process. However, it contains everything you need in order to complete the task of setting this radio up and, as in the example, binding it to a D16 Receiver.

In the video you will see me going to two different websites for software and firmware. Click on the file to the left to download the file or click on the page link to the right to visit the page and review the downloads.


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