Stolen Credit Cards Used On Cyclone FPV Website

Stolen Credit Cards Used On Cyclone FPV Website

Thanks to the ignorant few that think it is funny to steal credit cards and then spend the money on my website, I am now opening this section for you.  The process will be rather simple. The first indication of fraud will be posted here and you will receive an email. Your name, email address, shipping information will be withheld from the public until I can verify that the transaction is bogus. Once I verify it, your information will be posted here for everyone else to see. My hope is that other people who own businesses will check in here and see your information and make sure to protect themselves. It's pretty simple. I'll write can respond and we can then verify the transaction. If I do not hear back from you, the next step is to contact the Credit Card company and verify the transaction. If it comes back as fraudulent I will submit all the IP data immediately and make sure to post the information on all of our pages.  Thanks and best of luck to all you douchebags that think stealing is cool. A good ass beating would set that straight. 

(Update 06-06-19)

Update to the possible fraudulent transactions that took place on our website:

  • There appear to be two common factors with both transactions that have been tagged as "high alert" by our fraud analysis software. I am withholding the names used on the site until I have finalized my conversation with Visa (both transactions were paid using Visa Cards)
    • The first is the transaction that was done today (June 5th 2019) which exceeded $800.00 in motors, cameras, flight controllers etc. The important thing to note here was the shipping address which is:
      • 108 Business Center Dr.
        Reisterstown MD 21136
      • This address traces back to a company called RusBid ( which is a company that appears to assist overseas buyers with shipping from USA based companies. Basically they broker the shipping by completing the purchases and/or arranging for the items to be sent to their Maryland facility and then shipped onward to Russia and a few other countries. This is extremely concerning considering that there is no one held responsible for the items once they are shipped. 
      • Another important thing to note about this transaction was that the IP that was registered to the buyer (transaction) was based in the USA but not in the same location as the shipping location. The IP was based about 13 miles away which is usually not concerning. However, in this case, if the buyer is in the USA then the shipping company is not needed for the transaction. These companies are used mainly by people overseas and not people located here. People located in the states would ship directly to themselves and then hire a third party shipper if they needed it but it is not the norm to use a third party overseas shipping company for something this small and light. 
      • The third factor that was used was the absence of a final digit on the phone number. Many of the scams that are done online will leave out one number to make it look like it was a typing error when in fact, it was intentional. So many employees do not care to worry about this because as far as they are concerned, the error seems legit and heck, it is not their money they are about to lose anyway. The number (which is also being held until tomorrow) was then run through a software analyzer to derive all the possible combinations. Those combinations were then run through multiple online databases to locate anyone who may have been assigned this number and also have a similar name. You you can guess, nothing came up. 
      • Once the third area of concern was recognized, the email address was run against a vast array of email database analyzers and there was not one instance of such an email being used in the most common areas such as social media, business transactions etc. 
      • Finally, as is standard with all transactions that are flagged on my website, if there are multiple factors that cause concern, and the person has not responded to email communication, a background is run on the name against tax records, dmv records, court records etc. The purpose of this is to determine if the name itself is real and represents someone within the vicinity of the IP address or the shipping address. In this case, the name did not pull up under any state search in the USA. 
      • Needless to say, while I am awaiting the final word from Visa on this specific transactions, my gut tells me that this alert was very real and could have been very costly if it had not been flagged. I will post the final results from my conversation with Visa tomorrow. 
  • The second transaction is very much like the first in the sense that the shipping location was once again, a company in the USA that handles outbound shipping to foreign countries. The information, including the address, is listed below:
    • 2229 NW 79th Ave
      Miami FL 33122
    • Similar to the last transaction, this one is from a person who claims to live in Dallas TX but requires the package to be shipped to Miami Florida. The company located at this address is Shop2Ship LLC and they too specialize in taking USA based purchases and sending them overseas clients. Again, there is no protection with this. Through a simple search I located a few business owners etc who wrote updates online about this location and the troubles they had with fraudulent activities. 
    • Here is a link to a BBB website comment review which I found to be very disturbing.
    • Attempts to contact the buyer via email and cell text has resulted in zero returned calls. Figures.
    • As with the first shipment, this shipment did not go out and the information has been reported to the BBB, Visa, and local authorities in Dallas and Miami. I know this may not be on the top of their list of issues, but it does sit well with me to know that the information was relayed as needed. 
    • The IP Address did come back to Miami Florida but the name and address verification for the Dallas location was never correct. 

For now this is the update that I can offer and I want to emphasize to all of you who may know someone who is involved in online retail sales that they need to keep an eye out for  shipments headed to these two companies. While I do understand the purpose of having a third party shipping company to handle the shipping for clients that are not able to do it themselves, the parts that are being ordered from me are very small, very light, and are not really an issue to ship using standard carriers. Stay tuned for more updates shortly....

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