Daily Give-A-Ways on YouTube from Cyclone FPV

Daily Give-A-Ways on YouTube from Cyclone FPV

Daily Give-A-Ways on YouTube from Cyclone FPV - Win Free Prizes Today!

* Updated May 31, 2019:

  • I have changed the requirements to be entered. Rather than adding a comment to our YouTube channel, I will use a simple software random generator to generate a number that will correlate with a specific subscriber. This will eliminate the need for comments (they are really stopping me from seeing who is commenting about a topic and who is entering the contest) and also allow me to include everyone who has subscribed but is otherwise tied up doing something and unable to comment at that specific time. Simply put, it seems to be a but more fair to everyone. 
  • Everything else applies that is listed below so please make sure you understand the rules. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at tarek@cyclonefpv.com

Good luck and let's have some fun!



Starting May 18th 2019, Cyclone FPV will being a daily give-a-way where members subscribers on our YouTube Channel will be able to enter for free prizes just by subscribing and then commenting. It is important that you please read the rules regarding this new daily give-a-way and fully understand all the rules that are put in place. I recommend that you also subscribe to this post so that you are notified of any updates or changes as they happen.

Click here to subscribe now if you have not done so already!

  • Who is eligible to win? - My goal with this is to increase our subscriber count on the Cyclone FPV YouTube Channel. Technically I cannot "force" anyone to subscribe but given that this is the intention of the promotion, it would be very disappointing if anyone were to try and take advantage of this costly promotion without helping us grow. However, the fact remains that I will not deny a winner the prize if they have not subscribed. I will most likely remove that person from winning again in the future so please make note to just be honest and help us out in return. 
  • How to enter - Clearly no purchase is necessary to win. However, in order to be fair and use our third-party software random selection app, you MUST post a comment on the video. The comment must be Cyclone FPV. Make sure to spell it right please and make sure to place a space between Cyclone and FPV. That's all. Just add Cyclone FPV in the comments section and submit it. Again, this is simply for the purpose of randomly selecting a user who posted. We do not have a way of randomly selecting people who subscribe but we do have software that will randomly select a subscriber who comments on the page. Please see the updated rules above!
  • When Drawings Start/Stop - Comments will be permitted up until the point that the drawing begins. Drawings will be done via a live feed (most likely this will be come a set time of day) and as soon as the drawing begins, further commenting will be disabled. Subscribers will have until that moment to submit their comment and have it counted as an entry for that particular give-a-way! Comments may begin the moment the give-a-way video is posted to YouTube!
  • What is not allowed - The most important thing to remember is that subscribers may post ONLY ONE TIME. Please do not post more than one comment for each video or each drawing. The purpose of this is to allow each subscriber to have a fair chance at winning. If people were to simply slam the video with comments, they would increase their chances of being randomly selected while also decreasing the chances of those subscribers who followed the rules. Subscribers who post more than one comment will be excluded from winning. In the event that a subscriber is selected, and he or she has been found to have made more than one post, that subscriber will automatically be disqualified from that prize and a second random drawing will take place. Repeated violations will result in the subscriber(s) being removed from all future give-a-ways.
  • How Prizes are Selected - Prizes will come from our large selection of inventory and will cover all areas of Drone/FPV Accessories and Components. In some cases, Mega-Prizes will be offered during special "Mega Give-A-Ways". Prizes cannot be exchanged, replaced, or otherwise swapped for cash, other items, or store credit.
  • How to Claim Your Prize - Winners will be required to create an account at our website, cyclonefpv.com, and include shipping, contact, and end-user information. Winners will have one week to create their account and provide all the necessary information so that we can complete the transaction. Winners will be responsible to pay for all shipping charges. Cyclone FPV will not be held responsible for any shipping fees, lost shipments, or other shipment related issues. My advice is that you choose a shipping method that provides tracking and, if necessary, one that also offers insurance on your prize.  
  • Unclaimed Prizes - Winners will have one week to create their account and settle their shipping fees. In this case, one week is defined as 7 concurrent days from the date the Winner was announced. This is not time specific but simply day specific. For example, if you are selected as the winner on Thursday at 5PM, you will have until the following Wednesday by 5:00PM CST to complete your account creation and pay for shipping. Since our offices close by 5PM CST, it would be recommended that you do not wait until the last minute. Any winners who are unable to complete this process in time will forfeit their prize. 

Well, that about does it for now. This is meant to be fun and rewarding to all of our viewers while also growing our channel and subscribers. Please help me to achieve this goal and make sure to have fun! 

Tarek Maalouf

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