CycloneFPV Frame Warranty

CycloneFPV Frame Warranty (CFPV) Warranty Information – Updated (02/13/2022)

The meaning of LLW:

Well, this is somewhat simple. There is always going to be a fine line between trying to offer honest service and support while still protected CFPV’s best interests from being exploited by the “select few” potential customers that simply want to try and abuse the system. One method to make sure we are all playing on the same honest playing field is to reduce the chance of abuse of a Lifetime Warranty by limiting the potential for abuse.

First, the most important thing I want to discuss is the terminology contained within the LLW. You will find some of the most common terms and explanations below:

Lifetime – The term “Lifetime” is pretty simple and refers to your heartbeat or mine. If and when one of ours kicks out, well then, the warranty period is up. UNLESS…one of my kids decides to take over the company.

Limited – This is the most important term to understand. Being that I make each frame by hand (meaning the last cuts, sanding, and buffing are all hand done) the idea of trying to make a ton of frames without an end in sight becomes extremely overwhelming. Add to the mix that someone out there will try to take advantage of an “unlimited” replacement policy, and I simply lose my mind. So, to make this fair (subjective to my interpretation) I believe that the warranty will need to be limited in terms of how many frames (unibody) or frame parts (modular), you can expect to receive from me at no additional charge. The answer is five (5). This means that you will be permitted to request warranty replacements up to five (5) times during the Lifetime time frame as stated above.

Covered vs. Not-Covered: (please also see Frame Coverage Details)

Well, to be fair, I think that a certain level of responsibility must be placed on each of my customers in regard to what will be covered vs. what will not be covered. Here are a few examples to help you out:

Covered – Manufacturer Defect: Yup, I admit it. Sometimes I screw it up. It happens. I’m human. So, if your frame begins to have a complete meltdown or shows signs of defect in material or craftsmanship, do not worry. You are COVERED.

Covered – Pilot Defect: You didn’t think I was going to admit to making mistakes in my workmanship and not bring to light the “Pilot Defect” topic did you? This pretty much covers you flying like a madman or madwoman and doing something like “hey a power loop over a bridge” only to realize that your power loop skills are ehhhh…so so. I don’t care how good or bad you are as a pilot. Crashes happen. So, when they do, you are covered under the LLW.

Not Covered – Duuuuumb Choices and Crazy Events: This is pretty simple. Car runs over it …hmmm…don’t land on the road…I can’t cover that. Dog gets a hold of it and make it his or her new chew toy….again, can’t cover that. Want to see what happens when you put an M80 firework on top of the frame for fun….ya, can’t cover that either. Crazy events (ie. Car running over it) and Duuuuumb Choices (ie. M80 firework testing) are two of the many non-drone / flying related events that my hard work is simply not going to replace.

Not Covered – Loss, Theft (sort of): So, if you lose the quad, then I am sorry but there is nothing I can do. However, I am offering to engrave a phone number on the frame for you prior to shipping. This way, if it is ever found, hey – you can get a call back. Keep in mind, this could also haunt you considering if it falls out of the sky and lands on a new Ferrari, you might get a call and a huge bill.

Not Covered - Divorce: If he or she gets half...well then it might be time to buy another frame.

Exception to the Rule: Theft is a different issue. I have complete compassion for those people who are victimized by some douche-bag a-hole that is walking around stealing crap from good people. So, file a police report, send me a copy, and hey, you are set. One time only please. If it happens again, you need to move.

Frame Coverage Details - While I do stand behind my work and the quality of my frames, there are some limitations to the Limited Lifetime Warranty simply due to the design limitations. I have done my best to include all of the warranty information below that should address many of the main areas of concern:

  • Modular Frames (those frames that have replaceable arms):
    • Carbon fiber top plates are covered
    • Carbon fiber bottom plates are covered
    • Carbon fiber arms are covered
  • Unibody Frames (those frames that do not have replaceable arms):
    • Unibody frames are covered for manufacturer defect only and will not cover frames that are damaged or broken due to abuse, crashes, mishandling, etc. 
    • 50% discounts will be offered as a one-time replacement option on all unibody frames. Customers will be required to send back their original frame in order to qualify for the 50% discount. 
    • If you require your replacement frame to ship prior to the arrival of your damaged frame, you may utilize our advanced replacement option (see further down on this page)

Shipping Fees and Expectations:

Shipping to you from CFPV: When it comes to the warranty replacement process, there are few things that you need to know before we proceed. The first is that you will be responsible for all shipping fees associated with the delivery of your warranty replaced frame.

Shipping from you to CFPV: Yes, unfortunately I do require that all frames or broken parts be shipped back to me for the simple purpose of inspecting the item to make sure that an engineering flaw is not to blame. This is crucial to improving the frames I make, and it is my way of working with my customers to make sure that I can always produce a product that is designed and manufactured with the highest level of attention and care. So, if and when you break your frame or a part on your frame, please understand that I would like to have that piece back. There are two methods to getting this done:

Standard replacement – This option is simply used when you want to send the part(s) back and upon arrival, I send you out your replacement. USPS shipping is pretty cheap for a frame (even with tracking) and delivery should be roughly 3 days. As soon as I receive it, I send you back your replacement within 24-hours.

Advanced replacement – This option allows for immediate shipping of your replacement part but requires that you pay up front. As soon as your payment is received, your replacement part will be mailed to you. You then have a total of 30 days to return the broken part(s) back to me at which time I will issue a store credit once your damaged frame parts have arrived. However, please keep in mind that if I do not receive the part(s) back within that 30-day time period, the charge will stand and will not be eligible for a refund.

Proof of Purchase: When you fill out your online Warranty RMA form, you will be asked to provide a proof of purchase. Make sure to have that available and ready to submit. It will be required in order to process a replacement request. I know that I will know most of you from our conversations, but in the event that I am every able to take a vacation and actually hire someone to help me with some of this, they will be required to validate your replacement request rather than wait for me to return (not that I would even leave on vacation…sheesh)

SShhhh…IT Happens: One thing I cannot stress enough to everyone is to please just be honest about what caused the damage. I get that stupid things happen and lord knows I crash more quads than anyone else. (I have to…it’s how I test them). The information here is intended to protect the both of us and our investments but I am well aware that sometimes a bad day lingers and heck, before you know it…POOF…flights turn to crap quickly. All I ask is that you remain up-front and honest with me. If you tell me that you flew the quad and it hit a tree, but after looking at it, it resembles a stroll through Beirut, then hey, I am going to know that something is up and we are going to have a serious trust issue. (by the way..I was born in Beirut so don’t give me a hard time with my example). On the other hand, if you just say “hey, I had a really crappy day and to top it off someone ran over my frame..” there might be a touch of kindness to assist you. I cannot promise but what I can tell you is that your honesty will go a long way with me. If we can keep that on track, I am sure we can always work something out. Even if you just pay a reduced fee…hey it all works out.

Well, for now, this just about wraps it up. I am always ALWAYS going to do my best and work my hardest to take care of you. I am a single father of three amazing boys and your support and loyalty is more valuable to me than you might imagine. So whether the frame is defective or simply dies in a battle in “Beirut”, always remember that money is secondary to the loyalty and support that I receive from you, my client.

I look forward to earning your business and keeping you as a customer for many many years (or until my ticker quits ticking). Oh, and for the legally blessed few that wish to see all of this typed up by my overpriced attorney, I get it. You will find the link to the legal terms and such by clicking here..(not yet though because it is still being revised)


Tarek Maalouf
Working Mule

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