CycloneFPV Diablo-M220v2 Frame from Cyclone FPV in Texas

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CycloneFPV Diablo-M220v2 Frame

I am proud to introduce the new Diablo-M220v2,probably themost powerful quad CycloneFPV has created to date. This 4S, 5S, and 6S frame features interchangeable battery plates,HD and FPV camera plates, rear antenna and XT60 plates and best of all, arms that allow you to fly 5", 6" or 7"when you like.

Not only is the Diablo-M220v2 one of the most powerful quads I have ever designed and built, but is is also one of the strongest and most durable frames I have seen during my time in this industry. Attention to detail was the main goal when I designed and built this series which is why high grade 4MM and 5MM carbon fiber are the only two options offered for the arms and the main frame. At various points of contact, the frame and carbon fiber thickness exceeds 8MM, giving pilots some extra support andpeace of mind that the M220v2 will survive.

Added to the M2 series is our patent pending ArmLOK(tm) design which interlocks the arms like a puzzle, thus greatly reducing the chance of the arms moving during impact or flight. ArmLOK(tm) features precise hole layouts that will fasten to the frame and standoffs when necessary, creating the strongest integration our frames have ever seen.

The rear Onyx printed plate houses your vtx antenna connection as well as our fastened xt60 plug, both of which are secured to the plate and then secured to the frame using internal aluminum standoffs. The standoffs are hidden inside the Onyx, for appearance purposes but do not be fooled, they are there and stronge than ever.

Our custom battery plate houses four 20mm slots which allow for easy LiPO strap weave integration, while our open winding at the back of the plate allows you to get a good visual of your components. The plate also protects your components but allows for a great deal of room for such items as a large capacitor, finder buzzer, and more.

30.5x30.5 or 20x20, the removable bottom plate gives you the option to build up with your desired combination of components. Mix and match or go full stack with either size knowing that you can fit it with plenty of room to spare.

This series comes in RTF, BTF, and Frame only options. Please make sure to review all your options and do not hesitate to contact me at if you have any questions. You can also post your questions here on this page and I will respond promptly.

Finally, the Limited Lifetime Warranty isavailable for the Diablo-M220v2 which, amongst other things, offers a 5 times replacement guarantee. For more information on our Limited Lifetime Warranty,please click here.

Here are a few things you will need to know about your HobbyWing Setup:

  • In BetaFlight you will use the firmware update for OMNIBUSF4SD. If you attempt to use anything but this build, you will risk bricking the board or creating an unstable setup.
  • To connect the board to BetaFlight you will beed the STMElectronics Virtual COM Port Driver.
  • To check the version of firmware, simply log into BetaFlight and go to the CLI link at the bottom left. Then type "version" and hit enter. (don't type the "" with the word). Most boards will have something likeBetaflight / OMNIBUSF4SD (OBSD) 3.2.1 Oct 15 2017 / 19:42:35 (434db9a36) MSP API: 1.36.This is clearly an old firmware build and you will need to update it.
  • When flashing the firmware your settings should look like this:
  • BetaFlight HobbyWing Xrotor CycloneFPV for Cyclone FPV Diablo Drone
  • Once you are done flashing the board you can click connect and get started programming.

I know that you have many options when it comes to frames so there is no doubt that one of the most common questions is ‰ۡÌÝ̏Why should I buy a CycloneFPV frame?‰ۡó� The fact is, I personally design and test each frame before it ever makes it to the ‰ۡÌÝ̏ready to sell‰ۡó� level and then I make sure to complete each from by hand myself. I do not pass this off to a mass production company and I do not have any other person assist me in the process. I treat every new frame as if it were my own and this means that I am hand cutting and hand sanding each of the frame pieces during the entire build and assembly process. I monitor each CNC cut and when complete, I make sure to test for precision using a tolerance of .01mm.

The fact of the matter is, while frames can be mass produced and machine engineered, I did not enter this industry to pump out a ton of frames a day. I chose to have a hands of approach to the process and most importantly, I limit machine input to a maximum of 25% of the total time required to complete a frame. Frame cuts, sanding, buffing, measuring, and assembling takes an average of 5 hours. A general rule is to allow only 1-2 hours for machine work and the rest must be done by hand. This strict policy is in place to guarantee each of my customers that I will not lose focus of the most important aspects which are craftsmanship and quality. The only way to know an items is made well is to make it by hand. The only way to make sure I give each frame the required attention it deserves is to limit machine input.

I hope that you will find value in my dedication to each of my projects and allow me the honor of providing you with your next freestyle and/or racing frame!


Tarek Maalouf
Work Mule