Garage Sale Policies

This is going to be pretty simple. Here is what you are agreeing to when you purchase an item from my Garage Sale listings:

  1. All sales are final. Yup - No exceptions. I tested the items and I know they work. Changing your mind does not count. I am bringing the prices down low in an effort to move the items quickly. Returns will not be an option.
  2. Shipping is on you. Simply put, you will pay for shipping and the labels will be placed directly on the boxes. While I recommend that you purchase insurance, the choice is ultimately yours. However, lost shipments etc will have to be handled between you and the carrier. If you order a used item that requires special shipping or packing, I will contact you to let you know what those additional carrier chargers are. I will not add any markup to shipping but I will also not take a loss. What it costs me is what it will costs you and that could be different by a few dollars from what is stated during your checkout.
  3. Instruction and "How To's" will have to come from the manufacturer or another source such as YouTube etc. I am no longer in the industry and do not want to venture back into it at this time. Besides, I have too many drones to build and support right now. 
  4. Open items will be tested before they are posted online. This means that anything such as used routers and other equipment will be reset to factory settings and all personal information will be removed.
  5. Laptops, Tablets, Etc. will be wiped unless the Operating System can be restored. You will receive the item with a power cable unless I specify otherwise. 

I think that about does it but if you have any questions (relating to this section and not the items) please email me at

Enjoy Guys..I am doing my best to put some awesome deals together.