Motor KV Test Results

Motor KV Test Results from Cyclone FPV

In an effort to start holding companies accountable for their KV ratings, Cyclone FPV has decided to start running KV tests on all the motors that we carry in stock. Our results will be posted here and updated each time new tests are run. If you would like to see a specific motor tested, please contact us by clicking here and letting us know what you would like to see. As for the testing equipment, we are using three different benchmark machines manufactured by RCBenchmark. Each machine is calibrated and tested for accuracy prior to use. 

Below is a list of the motors we completed as of March 18th 2020:

Tmotor F40ProII 2400KV = 2516KV

TMotor F40ProII 2600KV = 2662KV

TMotor F60ProII 2500KV = 2492KV

BHobby Chaos 2207.5 2108KV = 2112KV

BHobby Chaos 2207.5 2400KV = 2404KV

BHobby Chaos 2207.5 3400KV = 3452KV

We will be adding more and more motor data shortly. This project was started on March 18th 2020 and was recorded so that you could see how this was being done. The video is located below:

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