Team Cyclone FPV - It's About Family

Team Cyclone FPV  - It's About Family

As 2020 comes to an end and we work to rid ourselves of the mess that seemed to kick our ass each and every day, I got together with some very close friends and we decided to start putting a plan together for the upcoming 2021 season of FPV. 

With racing events planned like you have never seen, drone builds and prizes that are second to none in the market, and the most down-to-earth, sit back and relax, family first, group of fpv maniacs, Team Cyclone FPV has been reborn and is ready to make its mark.

This is FPV Family. This is the sort of family that will be there when you are down, help you when you need a hand, feed you when you are hungry, and beat your ass when you act like a fool. We don't come in to an event 20 drones deep, with sponsors tugging on our coattails. We walk into events ready to have fun, make friends, thrown down some bad-ass flying, and then grab a cold one, sit back, and prepare to do it all over again the next day. 

So get ready to watch as Team Cyclone FPV steps up and changes the way things are done in the racing world. After all, why walk away with props and trinkets when you can walk away with your part of $10,000.00 in greenbacks? This is the real deal. It's time for the greedy to step aside and watch our family ring in the new year with some amazing announcements.


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