Rotor Rascals - Help us make bring the UAV hobby to all kids

Rotor Rascals - Help us make bring the UAV hobby to all kids

Cyclone FPV has teamed up with schools, businesses, and UAV hobbyists, in an effort to give every child the opportunity to experience this hobby through donations and volunteer work. To find out more about Rotor Rascals and all the services we offer, please view the information below. If you have any questions, please click here to fill out our contact form and we will make sure to have our Rotor Riot Team respond within 24 hours.

Rotor Rascals Sponsorship Program (RRSP):

Rotor Rascals relies on donations via our sponsorship program. This program allows individuals and companies to sponsor product such as drones, transmitters, soldering irons, tools, and much more. Sponsors help to bring all of these items to students otherwise may not have had the money to take part in these STEM based program. 

Through the use of our online STEM based curriculum, and the ability to learn hands-on UAV repair, programming, and flight, students will have the opportunity to experience every aspect of this rapidly growing industry. While we understand that the UAV industry may not be for everyone, we still believe that everyone should have the chance to experience it first hand. 

The Rotor Rascals Sponsorship Program (RRSP) is based on a donation platform where individuals and companies can donate funds for individuals parts, entire kits, tools, and a complete kit with tool combination. In order to achieve the most return on each dollar raised, we have partnered with companies in the United States who have committed to providing necessary items at or below their cost. 

For more information about our RRSP, please click here.

Rotor Rascals Volunteer Program (RRVP):

While our sponsorship program focuses on raising dollars to purchase product, our volunteer program offers a non-cash option to all who are interested. the Rotor Rascals Volunteer Program (RRVP) depends on individuals to volunteer their expertise, their skills, and their time to this program. Here are a list of some of the volunteer services we are needing:

  • 3D Printing:
    • Help provide printed parts for students who can use these parts to better understand the endless possibilities with 3D Printers.
  • Product Testing: 
    • With the growing inventory if used parts, the need for volunteers to help verify and separate working units from non-working units, continues to grow rapidly. 
  • Product Repair and Assembly:
    • Similar to testing, product repair and assembly volunteers will simply assist in the repair and assembly of various components, frames, and other items, in order to help provide more working materials for the students.
  • Event Assistance:
    • The UAV industry is very new to many schools and teachers. Their need for help in regard to hosting small events and races has become one of the largest obstacles to overcome. Volunteers can be a huge help here by offering to assist with gate assembly, simple course design, and also mentoring the students as they prepare for their events. 

This is just a small list of the growing RRVP that we have put in place. Your input is greatly appreciated so please contact us if you would like to become a volunteer or have an idea that we have not mentioned.

For more information about our RRVP, please click here.

Rotor Rascals Donation Program (RRDP):

In addition to our sponsor and volunteer programs, the Rotor Rascal Donation Program plays a vital role in the success of our entire project. The RRDP simply asks for donations of any and all UAV related items, working and non-working, so that we can continue to grow our inventory base. Please review the information below to better understand how you might be able to help:

  • RRDP Working Items: Any UAV part such as frames, flight controllers, power distribution boards, cameras, video transmitters, video receivers, radio transmitters, radio receivers, goggles, motors, speed controllers, and more, no matter the age of the item, would be greatly appreciated. We understand that technology changes and many people may think that their "old and outdated" items have no value, but for the students, these are perfect. The ability for them to understand all aspects of this industry plays a direct role in their success and we believe that each component has a value far beyond any current market monetary one. 
  • RRDP Non- Working Items: Non-working, broken items, are perfect for students to learn from. All non-working electronic components have a big value for students who need to practice their soldering and repair techniques by offering them a way to improve their skills without having to risk damage to a new component. We will also work with the students to assess damaged components and attempt to repair these components through Surface Mount Device (SMD) Rework Station training.

If you would like to donate any of your used components to our RRDP, simply pack them up for us and ship them to the following address:

Cyclone FPV
5546 Silent Timber Path Lane
Spring Texas 77386


When possible, please make sure to include some information letting us know whether the items are working or non-working. Your efforts and donations will be greatly appreciated.

We will be adding much more information in the near future. Please make sure to check back with us. If you have any questions about Rotor Rascals, please click here to use our online contact form and a Rotor Rascals representative will reply back to you within 24hours.


Thank you for your support.

Tarek Maalouf
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