Remote Support from CycloneFPV

Remote Support from CycloneFPV

One of the unique benefits of our support team is the ability to use our secure Remote Support Session option which allows us to remote into your computer and assist you with troubleshooting your issues or setting up your new configuration. There are a few things you must agree to and also have readily available in order for this to work properly:

  1. You must have high-speed internet
  2. You must have a second way to communicate when we remote in. Using the keyboard to type your responses to questions will interfere with our work
  3. You must make sure that all other programs are closed and be ready to locate your software such as BetaFlight and BLHeli. If you do not have those, we will download them for you
  4. You must agree to allow us access to create folders, run programs, and make any changes to your files that are necessary in order to solve any Flight Controller communication issues
  5. You must agree to the terms stating that we are not responsible for any issues with your computer and will not be held responsible for issues that could arise during our support session

Plain and simple, the fact is that all the remote session work at this time has been done by me. I have 30+ years in IT and have been in charge of network security and architecture for the majority of that time. That being said, loading drivers, changing configuration settings, and various other tasks can all bring the risk of causing an issue on the computer. The risk is low, but if you couple this with problems that are already present, the chances increase. I have yet to see an issue during any FPV related support but I always put it out there so that we are all working on the same page.

Well that about does it. The remote support feature has been really awesome for my clients and if you are interested in having me remote into your computer to assist you with your drone issues, simply click the link below:


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