Plug'nPilot™ Solderless DIY Drone Kits and DIY+ Drone Kits from CycloneFPV

Plug'nPilot™ Solderless DIY Drone Kits and DIY+ Drone Kits from CycloneFPV

With STEM and CTE programs placing a greater focus on the drone industry, we thought it would be the perfect time to begin developing a series of drone kits that could provide an easy Do It Yourself (DIY) learning experience to the home or classroom. In order for the CycloneFPV kits to be different than what was already available on the market, we spent months talking with teachers, drone pilots, drone instructors, CTE and STEM leaders, manufacturers, and of course, students, and through these meetings and discussions, we created the following list of criteria

  • Kits must be able to be flown indoors and outdoors
  • Kits must have the option to be fitted with prop guards / protectors
  • Kits must be offered in a Plug'nPilot™ (solder free) design which must apply to all potential hardware selection options. 
  • Kits must be priced under $200.00 when using analog video transmission
  • Kits must contain optional 3D printed files that can be printed in class
  • Kits must come with step by step build and programming instructional video that can be accessed online 24hrs a day.
  • Kits must come with a 50% buy back option to reduce the burden on parents who are purchasing these for their child / student.

And with this, our vision for the best solderless / solder free drone kit, Plug'nPilot™, was officially born. Fast forward one year and Plug'nPilot™ DIY Solderless Drone Kits are being purchased by school districts, drone hobbyists, and parents looking to bond with their kids while building their first drone. This is precisely why the Plug'nPilot™ system was created in the first place. 

Plug'nPilot™ FAQ's:

  • Do these kits have to be solderless or can we order them without the plugs?
    • Any PnP kit that you see on our website can be converted to a standard kit that will require you to solder
  • Are the PnP kits limited to only those options on your website?
    • No. The PnP kits that we have preconfigured are usually designed to meet the needs of the schools who use our online curriculum. You may pick one of those kits or you may select from ANY of our in stock inventory for your kit and then simply request that we convert the items to be Plug'nPilot™ ready.
  • Is there an additional cost if we customize our kits with parts that need to be converted to PnP?
    • Sometimes there may be additional fees depending on the parts and how they may need to be fitted properly. If the parts fall within the "common" part dynamic, there is usually not an additional fee.
  • If we request a custom PnP DIY Kit, will you make a video showing us how to assemble and program the drone?
    • Yes. This is one of the best features of our kit selection. If you select parts that we do not have a video for yet, we will make sure to create a video series specifically for the parts you purchased. 
  • Do these kits come with any warranty?
  • Will I be required to plug the drone in for programming or will it come pre-programmed and ready to fly?
    • The Plug'nPilot™ DIY Kits can be configured for you or you can opt to follow along with our BetaFlight programming video series that we create for your build as well as the OpenTX video series that we create for your Radio. The option is yours to choose during checkout. 


  • What is the difference between DIY+ and Plug'nPilot™?
    • DIY+ Drone Kits are identical to Plug'nPilot™ Drone Kits with the only exception being that we have pre-soldered all the plugs and wires on for you. This means that the Plug'nPilot™ Kits will arrive to you and will not require any solder for assembly. The DIY+ Kits will arrive with no pre-soldering. You will be required to solder all of your wires to their proper components while following along with our online video tutorials.
  • Do all of the FAQ's in the Plug'nPilot™ section above apply to the DIY+ Kits? 
    • Yes. Other than mention of being solderless, solder free, or pnp, everything else is identical and applies top both kits.

If you have any questions, please click here to contact us.

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