Cyclone FPV Warranty with HGLRC

Cyclone FPV Warranty with HGLRC (Updated March 31, 2020)

(click here to return to the HGLRC form) is the exclusive repair and replacement center for all HGLRC products. We work closely with HGLRC representatives to make sure that USA based customers are able to get fast and dependable warranty service from our facility without issues or delays. In order to facilitate this process, there are certain procedures and guidelines that HGLRC has put in place for our company to follow. Those policies and procedures that pertain to the customer side of the warranty program are included below. It is critical that you read this information and fully understand the terms, conditions, and policies contained in this program prior to submitting a ticket. Warranty, RMA, and Repair Instructions:

HGLRC Warranty Claims:

  • Per our agreement with HGLRC, you are required to provide a proof of purchase receipt along with tracking and delivery confirmation. Warranty RMA requests will only be accepted within 30 days of your proof of purchase or 30 days from proof of delivery (whichever is greater). If you cannot provide proof of delivery (tracking) then the date of purchase will be used. We strongly encourage you to provide your tracking information in order to receive the best possible warranty coverageThe proof of purchase must clearly indicate the purchase date, location, and specific item(s) that you are submitting. Please note that if you have soldered any of the components, or you have flown and crashed or experienced a "hard landing", your warranty may be void. (Updated September 9, 2021)

Original Place of Purchase:

  • Please understand that we will not assist with your RMA until you have contacted your original place of purchase and utilized their customer support first. If you are within their warranty time frame, we will not be able to step in and issue and RMA. 

HGLRC Field Data:

  • You are required to give details about the item that you are submitting. Please make sure to fill in any text boxes if the drop down menu does not offer the option that matches your item. If you select "Other..." you must fill in the text box immediately following that drop down menu or your request will not be accepted.
HGLRC / Cyclone FPV Important Information:
  • Cyclone FPV is working in conjunction with HGLRC to provide timely replacement and/or repair services to all USA based customers who purchased HGLRC products through authorized dealers.
  • You must send ALL items purchased and may not break apart drones, stacks or other components unless you receive prior authorization from Cyclone FPV. If you do not submit all the items necessary to test the hardware, your RMA will be void and you will be required to pay for return shipping. 

Final Decision and Fees:

  • Cyclone FPV is required to review all claims and inspect all items thoroughly. Information and findings will then be sent to HGLRC to determine if the item will be covered. Warranty claim approval or denial is strictly issued by an HGLRC representative. cannot override or otherwise interfere with the final decision.
  • All RMA's will be subject to a $35.00 labor fee if it is determined that the damage or malfunction was caused by the customer. Please keep this in mind when filling out your form. (updated June 20, 2021)


Warranty claim items must be shipped to the following address:
  • RMA# (to be issued to you)
  • 5546 Silent Timber Path Lane
  • Spring Texas 77386 will not be responsible for items lost during transit so please use tracking whenever possible. Please do not ship any item until you have received an RMA number.

Please also make sure to include a copy of your email communication between Cyclone FPV and yourself in the package for reference purposes. Upon inspection, if it is determined that your item is covered under warranty, your repair or replaced item will be mailed back to you using USPS First Class Rates at a rate of $3.00 for most small components and $8 - $10 for larger items like drone kits. This fee will need to be paid up front prior to the item being shipped back. 

DOA (Defective on Arrival) components qualify to have their return shipping paid for by HGLRC so long as the defective item is reported within 7 days from your purchase date. DOA items cannot be soldered or otherwise altered from their original state. Items that show to be used, soldered, modified, or altered in any way will not qualify for DOA shipping fee returns.


Warranty claims will not cover the following:
1. Items that are damaged due to crashes
2. Items that were subjected to misuse
3. Items that were installed and/or configured incorrectly
4. Items that were operated outside of their specified use and ability
5. Items that do not have a valid proof of purchase from an authorized dealer.

By submitting this online warranty / rma claim form,  you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and accept the all the terms, policies, and other details listed on this page.

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