Stockton Junior High Drone Kit and Class Details from Cyclone FPV

Stockton Junior High Drone Kit and Class Details from Cyclone FPV

This page will be updated to include changes, updates, and additions to certain aspects of the Stockton Junior High Drone Program. Please read the information carefully and contact us if you have any questions.

January 2021 Drone Kits:

Shipping Policies:

  • Students will have their drone kits shipped directly to their home. Please make sure to verify that your shipping address is correct when you checkout. 

Buy-Back Program:

  • Cyclone FPV is offering our new buy-back program for all students who do not wish to keep their drone kits after the semester ends. The buy-back program will offer a 50% buy-back option so long as all the components are in good working order. While we hope that all students will choose to continue one with their drone interests, we understand that some may change their minds and we hope this option will help ease the cost. Once we inspect the kits, refunds up to 50% will be sent back to the same payment account that was used at the time of purchase. 
  • Here are some details about our buy-back program that you will need to know:
    • Students/Parents who wish to utilize our buy-back option must submit an online RMA# Request prior to the end of the current semester. Once we have issued you an RMA#, your kit must arrive within seven business days.  
    • Used propellers are not included in this option
    • Used Batteries will be tested first and then receive only 25% back if they are found to be able to hold a charge
    • All items are required to undergo testing and inspection prior to issuing any buy-back funds. 
    • Customers must obtain an RMA# prior to shipping the drone kits in for inspection. Drones shipped without RMA#'s will not be accepted and Cyclone FPV will not be responsible for any drone kits sent in without a proper RMA#. 
    • Click here to request your RMA#

Kit Details and Specifications:

  • It is our goal to offer the best options and pricing to each student. Components that are selected for our YJH Drone Kits are the same components we use to build our standard kits for our customers. They are offered and a major discount to students and we hope that the students truly enjoy their time flying safely. As with many other aspects of technology, specs with change and we will do our best to update our kits accordingly. Items that are mentioned in the kit may change slightly in order to offer updated or more affordable versions. 

Video Tutorials and Instructions:

  • Each drone kit has an online tutorial video that your student can watch at any time. The video, with is part of our UVTCA online curriculum, is only available to registered students who attend any of the schools who utilize the UVTCA online curriculum. Your instructor will send you all the necessary links and instructions to access these videos. 
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