JHEMCU XT60 Power Cap Filter


$3.99 $7.99

JHEMCU XT60 Power Cap Filter from Cyclone FPV

Applicable to XT60 input, 2-6S power supply filtering, high withstand voltage and large capacity capacitor, providing a clean and stable power supply for flight control, ESC and image transmission.


  • Interface type: XT60
  • Input power range: 2-6S (7.4V-25V)
  • Weight: 4.4 grams

Package Contents:

  • 1* XT60-CAP PCB
  • 1* XT60 (Amass genuine)
  • 1* 2200UF/25V capacitor
  • 1* 18AWG*100MM silicone wire black
  • 1* 18AWG*100MM silicone wire red
  • 1* Heat shrinkable sleeve 22MM*20MM