TS100 Soldering Tip Replacements

FPV Elite

$10.99 $13.99

TS100 Soldering Tip Replacements from Cyclone FPV

Replacement Solder Tip For Digital LCD Soldering Iron

Specifications : (7 tip options)

  • TS-B2 Total length : 105mm Weight : 10.5g
  • TS-BC2 Total length : 106mm Weight : 10.5g
  • TS-D24 Total length : 105mm Weight : 10.5g
  • TS-K Total length: 109.5mm Weight: 11.2g
  • TS-I Total length: 103.8mm Weight: 10.4g
  • TS-C4 Total length: 105.5mm Weight: 11g
  • TC-KU Total length: 105.5mm Weight: 10g

Note: All Soldering iron tips have passed a heating test before the sale, which may normally result in a yellowish or grayish heating end.