ToolkitRC WM150 150A Watt Meter and Tester



ToolkitRC WM150 150A Watt Meter and Tester from Cyclone FPV

  • Item: WM150 Watt Meter
  • Input Voltage: 1-50V
  • Current(Max): 150A (precision:10mA)
  • USB: 5.0V@1A ( USB3.0 firmware update)
  • Output: PWM 1000-2000us@50Hz
  • Display: TFT 2.4" LCD Screen(320*240 resolution)
  • Product Size: 80*54*23mm Approx.
  • Packing Size: 87*87*28mm Approx.
  • Net Weight(Approx): 120g
  • Gross Weight(Approx): 140g
Using Steps:
  • Connect 1-50V power supply, when the voltage is lower than 6V, need to use USB 5V to provide power;
  • After power-on, the LCD screen displays the logo and continues 2 seconds, with the starting music;
  • Adjust the button if the data in the displaying screen are not in minimum data position.
  • ToolkitRC WM150 is a Watt Meter, which is capable to test voltage, power, current data of the electric equipment, like servo, ESC, battery, etc.
  • 1-50V power supply, the max current is up to 150A, the precision is accurate to 10mA.
  • Support PWM signal, 1us precision, the pulse width is changeable by adjusting the button.
  • Automatically to change the unit of the capacity, when it is lower than 1A, the unit-display is MA, when it is higher than 1A, the unit-dispaly is changed to A.
  • The watt meter is also supporting to display working hours.
  • USB firmware update, easy to operate.
  • 1* ToolkitRC WM150 Watt Meter
  • 1* USB Wire
  • 1* Manual