ToolkitRC M4Q 50W 5A 1-4S Quad Channel AC/DC Smart Charger (XT-60 connection)


$77.99 $79.99

The ToolKitRC M4Q 50W (XT60) is an AC/DC smart charger that features dual power and great flexibility. This smart charger includes four ports, a built-in 100w AC power supply, 200w DC input for more power, four channel-independent operations, and a display for easy control and view. The ToolKitRC M4Q also includes a 32 Bit ARM processor for high-precision charging management and balancing accuracy <0.005V and a 3.5" IPS screen with 480x320 resolution for a clear and wide-angle display. 

Toolkit M4 Features

Input Voltage

  • AC100-240V@MAX1.5A
  • DC10-18V@MAX20A

Type of battery

  • LiPo LiHV LiFe Lion@1-4S
  • NiMh @1-10S Pb @1-8S

Balance Current

  • 240mA @2-4S

Charge Power

  • 0.1-5A@50W*4 DC
  • 0.1-5A@50W*2 AC
  • 0.1-5A@25W*4 AC

Voltage Range

  • 0.2V-5.0V @1-4S