ToolkitRC M4AC 30W 2.5A Balance Charger



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ToolkitRC M4AC 30W 2.5A Balance Charger from Cyclone FPV

The ToolKitRC M4AC 30W Compact Balance Charger (XT30) is a small lithium battery balance charger that has excellent performance! Compare to similar products, the power performance of the M4AC is increased by 33%-66%. The display features IPS full viewing angle display, voltage, current, charging status, and everything you need to see at first glance! Also comes with a 32Bit ARM processor to give you a more precise balance accuracy of <0.005V. Perfect for traveling!


  • Input: AC100-240V@MAX30W
  • Battery Type: LiPo LiHV LiFe @1-4S
  • Charging Power: 0.5-2.5A@25W
  • Bal Cur. : 200mA @2-4S
  • Charging accuracy: <0.005V
  • Display: LCD IPS 1.54 inch 240*240 resolution
  • Size: 75mm*54mm*30mm
  • Weight: 120g


  • 1 x ToolkitRC M4AC Charger
  • 1 x US plug