ThunderPowerRC SugarRush Sweetness 6s-1500mAh 100c HV


$45.99 $54.99
SKU: batt-sugar-6s

Note from the owner: "ThunderpowerRC is the only brand that I will fly with due to the fact that I believe this is by far the best battery on the market. They are also a USA based company and their support and customer service is amazing. I am confident that you will like this line of batteries as well Remember, these are LiHV batteries which means that they can charge on a normal LiPo charger you can charge up to 4.2V per cell for a total charge of 25.2V but if you use an LiHV charger you can push it to 4.35V per cell giving you a total voltage of 26.1V" ~ Tarek Maalouf

Brand new 100C HV version, regarded as the highest quality high discharge pack on the market. 1500mAh 6-Cell/6S 25.2V / 26.1V Sugar Rush Sweetness 100C HV LiPo, with XT60 connector.


  • Max Charge: 5C
  • Max Cont. Discharge: 100C
  • Max Charge Current: 7.5A
  • Max Burst Discharge: 200C
  • Max Burst Current: 260A
  • Max Cont. Current: 130A
  • Weight: ~ 10oz
  • Dimensions: 


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