ThunderPowerRC SugarRush Sweetness 5S 1500mAh 100c HV


$29.99 $41.99

ThunderPowerRC SugarRush Sweetness 5s-1500mAh 100c HV from Cyclone FPV

Brand new 100C HV version, regarded as the highest quality high discharge pack on the market 500mAh 5-Cell/5S 21V / 21.75V Sugar Rush Sweetness 100C HV LiPo, with XT60 connector.


  • Max Charge: 5C
  • Max Cont. Discharge: 100C
  • Max Charge Current: 7.5A
  • Max Burst Discharge: 200C
  • Max Burst Current: 260A
  • Max Cont. Current: 130A
  • Weight: ~ 9oz

Updated 04/23/2019:

Please note that the SugarRush Series of LiPO's has been changed to incorporate a new smaller style. This being said, we are not able to pull between the two sets. They are randomly selected during shipping and will still fall under the listed weight.