Camera Mount for M2 or M3 Standoff

Cyclone FPV


Camera Mount for M2 or M2 Standoff by CycloneFPV

CycloneFPV has now added a new 3D Print Farm to our printer line-up and we are now printing in multi-color TPU, PLA, PLA-F, and various other materials. We will be making thousands of custom 3D Printed Parts for all of our frames and other items that we carry.


  • M2 or M3 Standoff Camera Mounts (2pc)
  • TPU Printing Material
  • Very Strong and Reliable
  • Custom made for any drone frame (Cyclone FPV of others)

*Important to note: You will need to select the textured standoff version or the non-textured standoff version. Textured standoffs are not smooth but instead contain texture that creates a larger circumference which requires a slightly larger opening to fit. A non-textured (smooth) standoff is smaller in circumference which requires a slightly smaller opening to fit. Selecting the wrong type of standoff option will yield you a camera mount that is too big or too small. Please make sure to select the right one.

Package Contents:

  • Standoff Camera Mount for M2 and M3 by Cyclone FPV (download stl)
  • (contact us if you need this modified to fit your frame)