Camera Mount for M2 or M3 Standoff

Cyclone FPV


Camera Mount for M2 or M2 Standoff by Cyclone FPV

Cyclone FPV uses high-quality Markforged Mark Two Printers to create some of the strongest and most amazing 3D Models on the market. From Onyx prints to Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Nylon, and more, Markforged Mark Two Printers make our custom designs durable and accurate. 


  • M2 or M3 Standoff Camera Mounts (2pc)
  • Made of Markforged Onyx Material
  • Printed on Markforged Mark Two Printers
  • Very Strong and Reliable
  • Custom made for any drone frame (Cyclone FPV of others)

*Important to note: You will need to select the textured standoff version or the non-textured standoff version. Textured standoffs are not smooth but instead contain texture that creates a larger circumference which requires a slightly larger opening to fit. A non-textured (smooth) standoff is smaller in circumference which requires a slightly smaller opening to fit. Selecting the wrong type of standoff option will yield you a camera mount that is too big or too small. Please make sure to select the right one.

Package Contents:

  • Standoff Camera Mount for M2 and M3 by Cyclone FPV (download stl)
  • (contact us if you need this modified to fit your frame)