SpyderByte 190 X Frame Kit

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SpyderByte 190 Lightning X Racing Drone from Cyclone FPV

This SpyderByte Lightning X frame is built for speed. It comes with strong machined 4mm carbon fiber arms, so there is no flex when you’re at extreme speed. The top and lower decks are of machined 2mm carbon fiber to keep the quad rigid. The 190mm wheelbase frame takes a 4” propeller to keep the drone moving at speed.

This frame comes with a mid-point 2mm carbon fiber tower to hold all your electronics. Such as flight controller, PCD, receiver, FPV camera and Video TX which are protected by the frame. 

The tower comes with an adjustable FPV camera mount (suitable for FPV board cameras) so you can move the FPV camera to an angle that meets your flying requirements. If you use the smaller 1177 style cameras, such as Foxeer CCD style cameras that have a camera tilt holder, the tower frame can be changed to support these smaller cameras. It also frees up the top section for an action camera to be strapped.

Another unique feature is the ability to have your Video TX aerial come vertically out of the back of the frame or out of either side frame. The lower deck has built in slots to allow for battery straps, keeping your battery safe and sound.

The SpyderByte Lightning X is the frame you need for serious racing.

• Strong and rigid 190mm racing frame
• 4mm Carbon Fiber Arms
• 2mm Carbon Fiber Decks
• Adjustable FPV camera position

Wheelbase: 190mm
Weight: 110g (frame only)
Size: 165 x 165 x 77mm
Arms: 4mm Carbon Fiber
Decks and frame components: 2mm Carbon Fiber

Frame Kit