Spedix S250AQ FPV Racing Drone Frame Kit


$14.99 $29.99

As expected from Spedix, the S250AQ Frame Kit is a high quality, lightweight frame. Adding all your own gear to this kit will give you great get up and go. The pure carbon fiber and high strength ABS resin construction improves both the handling and crash resistance.

The kit comes with two camera mounts, FPV and recording camera mounted on the anti-vibration plate. The frame also provides surplus space for all your electronics and FPV gear. There is a specially designed chamber that fits a round 12A ESC.

Pure carbon fiber and high strength ABS resin construction
Camera mounts for FPV camera and action camera
Special chamber for round ESC's

Frame Kit Specs:
Materials:Pure carbon fiber and high strength ABS resin
Frame weight:143g

1 x S250AQ frame kit

Frame Kit details:
1 x S250AQ upper central board
1 x S250AQ bottom central board
4 x Arm covers
1 x Carbon fiber upper camera mount (include dampener)
1 x FPV camera mount
4 x Arms
4 x Landing legs

1300~2200mah 3S~4S LiPoly battery
4 x 2204 Motors
4 x 12-20A ESC's
1 x Flight Controller
1 x Power Distribution Board
4 x 5-6‰ۡÌÝ̏ Propellers
5-6 channel TX/RX