Shendrones Mixuko 196 Racing Drone Frame Kit

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$39.99 $49.99

Shendrones Mixuko 196 Racing Drone Frame Kit from Cyclone FPV

The Shendrones Mixuko is a 196mm drone for 5" props that is almost impossible to destroy! It has a massive 4mm thick carbon fiber mono plate design that ensures it can take a tumble because that's what FPV flying demands.  And what is the Mixuko? Well it's a pure racing quad, designed specifically to NOT carry an expensive HD cam. This is about racing not about recording scenery right?  and this is certainly no camera ship! 

FPV cam angle is adjustable without tools using a friction fit system. With the supplied 30mm standoffs it's a moderately challenging build but an advanced builder can knock off another 5mm from the stack height and put it together in pretty short order.

If you are looking for a quality mini FPV quad racing frame then the Shendrones Mixuko is a smart choice.


  • Name:¬†Mixuko
  • Wheelbase:¬†195mm
  • Weight:¬†94g
  • Chassis: 4mm¬†(single billet mono plate)
  • Fuselage frame:¬†2mm


  • Carbon Fiber parts
  • Alloy standoffs
  • Hardware