Rush FPV Tank Mini 25-800mW 20x20 VTX - MMCX



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Rush FPV Tank Mini 25-800mW 20x20 VTX - MMCX from Cyclone FPV

RUSH FPV brings their signature quality and style to the 20x20 form factor. Nothing but size was reduced from the 30x30 Tank Ultimate! This little beast still cranks out 800mW of clean, stable video signal for cruising far or handling heavy obstructions.


  • Compact Robust Design
  • Variable Output from 25 to 800mW
  • Pit Mode
  • Officially Licensed Smart Audio from TBS
  • Optional Protective Shield Included


  • Input Voltage: 7-36V(2-8S)
  • Transmission Power: PIT/25/200/500/800mW
  • On Board DC Output: 5V 1A Max
  • 12V Input Current:
  • 40mA@PITMODE 95mA@25mW,
  • 185mA@200mW 250mA@500mW,
  • 380mA@800mW
  • Channels: 48 RaceBand/LowRace
  • Feature: Available with External Mic
  • Installation Hole: 20*20mm
  • Dimension: 28*28*3.3mm
  • Weight: 4.46g (w/o Cover), 5.40g (w/ Cover)


    • 1x Rush Tank Mini 25-800mW 20x20 VTX - MMCX
    • 1x Protective Cover
    • 1x MMCX Dipole Antenna
    • 1x Wire Set
    • 1x Hardware Set