Rapture-4HD Long Range Drone Frame from Cyclone FPV

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Rapture-4HD Long Range Drone Frame from Cyclone FPV

The new Rapture-4HD from Cyclone FPV is one of the most advanced frame designs we have ever created. Featuring reinforced impact zones, center mount impact braces, and rear angled arms, the Rapture-4HD Long-Range Frame is putting up record flight times using standard LiPo Batteries. With 20:03 minutes achieved on November 14th, 2021 using a 6S1500mAh LiPo, we anticipate hitting 30 minutes by the end of March 2022.

In addition to being one of the most advanced frames we have ever created, the Rapture-4HD Long Range is so dependable, that it comes with our Lifetime Warranty. So fly the hell out of it. Crash it! Smash it! Live it! Love it! Fly it! For more information about our Rapture-5HD Limited Lifetime Warranty, please click here.

Click here to view the new Rapture-5HD

Frame Specifications:

  • Material - 3K T300 Carbon Fiber
  • Arm thickness - 5mm
  • Bottom plate thickness¬† - 3mm
  • Top plate thickness - 3mm
  • Brace thickness - 5mm
  • Reinforced impact bracket thickness - 3mm
  • Brace bracket thickness - 3mm
  • Motor bolt pattern - 16x16 (14xx/15xx motors)
  • FC / ESC mounting - 20x20 (front) 20x20 (rear - vista ready)
  • Inside height - 20mm (can increase with larger cam print and standoffs)

Package Contents:

  • 8 x m3 20mm standoffs
  • 8 x m3 14mm screws (bottom plate)
  • 4 x m3 16mm screws (bottom plate)
  • 8 x m3 10mm screws (top plate)
  • 4 x m3 pressnuts (attached)
  • 1 x top plate
  • 1 x bottom plate
  • 5 x arms (1 extra just because we know sh*t happens)
  • 5 x braces (1 extra for the same reason ^^^)
  • 1 x brace bracket
  • 2 x impact reinforcement brackets (front and rear)
  • 1 x LiPo non-slip pad
  • 2 x Foam landing pads

Please remember that all Cyclone FPV frames are hand-crafted and cut to order. Each frame will require at least one week to be cut, sanded, and inspected before they are shipped. If you cannot wait, then this frame is not the frame for you. 

(more pictures and videos coming soon)