Quattro-XL5 Analog Edition with Buzzer/Finder

Cyclone FPV


Quattro-XL5 Analog Edition with Buzzer/Finder from Cyclone FPV

Completed and tested on June 1, 2021, for one of our customers, this Quattro-XL5 Analog Edition is simply awesome. Fitted with a GPS Unit and a Finder/Buzzer, the total weight before LiPo came in at 308g. Please see the build specs below:

Quattro-XL5 Analog Edition:

  • Frame - Quattro-XL5 5mm 3K Carbon Fiber Unibody Design
  • Motors - BrotherHobby UC 2207 1750KV
  • Flight Controller - HGLRC F722 20x20 Series¬†
  • ESC - HGLRC FD35A 4in1 20x20 series
  • VTX - HGLRC Forward MT Mini 2x20 series
  • Camera -¬†HGLRC Aurora V2
  • Receiver - Frsky R9Mini OTA
  • GPS -¬†Beitian Dual BN-180¬†
  • Finder/Buzzer - JHEMCU JB20A
  • Props - HQ 5x4.3.3

Build Information:

  • All Cyclone FPV frames are hand-finished and require a minimum of one week to cut, sand, buff, and inspect before they are shipped out. This build will take approximately one to two weeks to complete. If you are unable to wait this long for the drone, please do not order it. I will not rush a frame cut or a build as this could potentially compromise the quality of my work and the fun that I have when I cut and build.

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