PETG 3D Print Filament from Cyclone FPV

FPV Elite

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PETG 3D Print Filament from Cyclone FPV

Cyclone FPV tested a handful of the most common brands and materials before making the selection to carry thisĀ PETG filament. Unlike PLA, this is not brittle and has some give to it. This means that it can bend slightly without cracking or breaking. We use this material when we need to print objects that do not require TPU Flexibility.Ā 


  • Material:Ā PETG
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Weight/Size: 1KG / 1.75mm
  • Hot bed Temp: 60-80C
  • Printing Temp: 230-240C
  • ļ»æColors: White, Orange, Brown, Black, Silver Blue, Red, Yellow, Gray, Green, Purple, Gold,Ā Clear
  • (please note that these colors are offered in both regular and transparent)

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