PandaRC VT5804 Mini-X 20x20 VTX


$16.99 $17.99

PandaRC VT5804 Mini-X 20x20 VTX from Cyclone FPV

PandaRC has many options available for reliable and affordable 5.8GHz VTX, featuring different sizes, connectors, and output power levels. This lightweight version features an U.FL connector and 20x20 mounting holes.


  • The output power is stable and the transmission distance is long: > 0.5km@25mW, > 1km@200mW, > 1.5km@400mW (original antenna)
  • 6-stop transmission power switching: 0 mW/25 mW/50 mW/100 mW/200 mW/400 mW
  • Support OSD interface to adjust transmission frequency and power
  • Output 16 frequency points, including group A and group R
  • Fast frequency locking and no disturbance to peers when switching on.
  • Self-checking function of output power
  • Full video format: NTSC/PAL
  • The input voltage range is wide and the power consumption is low: 6V-26V, 12V/240mA@400mW
  • Small size: 24mm * 24mm * 3mm, installation hole 20mm * 20MM (4-M2)
  • Light weight: <3g (without antenna)
  • Specifications
  • Input Voltage : 6-26V
  • Connector: U.FL
  • Size: 24x24x3mm
  • Mounting Dimensions: 20x20
  • Weight: 3g