Paintings by Jaidyn "JJ" Maalouf - That's my boy!!

JJ Maalouf


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Paintings by Jaidyn "JJ" Maalouf - That's my boy!!

My son JJ has been painting and when he wrote me and said that no one was buying his paintings, I knew just what to do. JJ, this page is for you bud. I am going to post them here and I bet they sell bud! Love you and I am so proud of you!!!

What got us here:

I received a text message from my son today (06/10/21). I copy and pasted it below:

Jaidyn "JJ" Maalouf Selling Art Text Message

How proud I am to see my son doing what he can to earn some money. He is not sitting there with his hand out asking for a dime. He is putting his paintings outside and waiting for a car to stop and perhaps purchase one of them but he said that no one was stopping. Well, that is how we got here. I figured that if my son is going to make the effort, then so am I. 

Here you go JJ, you do your best and I bet we will be able to move some of these paintings. Proud of you dude!!! 

P.S. He says that the money he makes will be used to buy more painting supplies. Not too shabby of a business plan!!