NANO N32-Plus Flight Control Board (Naze32 Compatible)

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NANO N32-Plus Flight Control Board

The NANO N32-Plus is a next generation Naze32 compatible flight control board but much much smaller in size! This tiny flight controller comes with a powerful 32bit processor. The N32-Plus comes in a handy size of just (28x22mm) that it will fit on the smaller frames with ease. For setup and configuration the USB break out board has been seperated from the main board to reduce the overall footprint, making this a very tiny flight controller with all the functions of a full size board.

The NANO N32-Plus comes with Baseflight firmware v1.90 and contains a barometer and magnometer which gives your flight controller excellent tuning and setup options.

Get this little beauty and get your quad flying!!

Modern 32-bit controller
Baseflight Firmware pre installed
Tiny size

Size: 28x22x8mm
Weight: 3.7g
Firmware: Baseflight v1.90

6pin header pack
RC Input Cable
PWM Output Cable
TTL-USB Board Cable
Beep & Bat Port Cable