Mini 20Watt Glue Gun

FPV Elite

$1.99 $9.99

Mini 20Watt Glue Gun from Cyclone FPV

I have selected a new Mini 20Watt Glue Gun that I will be using in all of my builds now and I am going to start offering it to my customers as well. I am very excited to make this a more affordable option for all of you and I hope you will enjoy the quality and durability that comes with this Mini 20Watt Glue Gun

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~ Tarek Maalouf

Note: This mini glue gun will be shipped in blue or black. I order them at the best rate possible but color is not something I focus on with them. Therefor, I can only promise you the quality but as far as color goes, you will either receive black or blue with this order.

This is the same hot glue gun that I use during my live builds. Used together with our glue sticks, this glue gun has been amazing! This glue gun i part of my "Must Have" Took Kit for Drone Builders. ~ Tarek Maalouf