Matek Systems 3-In-1 Alarm Monitor


$14.99 $19.99

Matek Systems 3-In-1 Alarm Monitor from Cyclone FPV

It is a 3-in-1 gadget with LiPo Battery monitor, Discovery buzzer & Signal loss alarm functions. Built-in ultra-high brightness LED & twin loud buzzers


  • Working voltage: 5.2~26V DC, 2~6Cells LiPo
  • Standby current less than 10mA
  • Working current, Max 120mA (blinking & beeping)
  • Voltage threshold setting: 3.4~3.7V/cell (Red LED)
  • Twin loud buzzers, 85db each
  • Ultrahigh Brightness LED, 20lm, 0.2w, Blue
  • Size: 20x30x6mm,
  • Weight: 7g


  • 1. Battery monitor function (F1)
    • It can monitor 2~6S LiPo voltage status & notify you once the cells reach the defined voltage.
    • The voltage threshold of alarm & flash can be customized between 3.4V~3.7V/Cell.
    • 1.1 If the LiPo voltage is in the range of following, The BM3in1 will detect the cell numbers automatically when the LiPo is connected.
    • 7.4~8.6V: 2cells LiPo
    • 11.1~12.9V: 3cells LiPo
    • 14.8~17.2V: 4cells LiPo
    • 18.5~21.5V: 5cells LiPo
    • 22.2~25.8V: 6cells LiPo
    • The BM3in1 will alarm “Be” & the voltage threshold red LED will be shown.
    • Hold the button 3 seconds to enter the setting of the voltage threshold.
    • Press button to set the alarm threshold between 3.4~3.7V/Cell(red LED) .
    • The value will be saved & exit if no action within 10 seconds.
    • During the using of LiPo, BM3in1 will detect the voltage always.
    • If the total voltage is below “threshold * cells”, the alarm & blink will be triggered with “Be..Be..Be……”
    • If the total voltage rise again, the alarm & blink will be suspended.
    • 1.2 If the LiPo voltage is out of the aforesaid range. The BM3in1 will alarm “Be..Be..Be” & 4 red LEDs light. Pls check if the battery total voltage is below 3.7V*cells
  • 2. Discovery buzzer function (F2)
    • It is easy to use the function, Just plug it in one Aux channel(e.g. Gear).
    • Move the toggle switch to one side or another side, the BM3in1 will alarm “BeBeBeBeBe” & blue LED blink.
  • 3. Signal loss alarm function (F3)
    • It can warn you if you turn off the transmitter first by mistake, if you have trouble finding a model in the long grass…
    • Turn on the transmitter first. Hook BM3in1 to the receiver THRO channel, then plug battery into model. It will detect the loss of TX signal, and emit a loud alarm “BeBe…BeBe…BeBe…” & the blue LED blink.
    • RX power on, the alarm & blink will be triggered as following
    • Turn off the transmitter first. and keep one minute.
    • The radio power on, but no action of stick or no signal change within one minute.