M3 Drone Screws Button Cap 15 Sizes 10 Count Steel

Cyclone FPV


M3 Drone Screws Button Cap 11 Sizes 10 Count Steel from Cyclone FPV

Cyclone FPV selected from some of the best manufacturers of M2 and M3 steel screws, and have finally found the steel screws that will be a perfect fit for your next drone build. Stronger, lighter, and available black for colored to match our scale, the new Cyclone FPV steel screws will do the job.

Screws are packed into bags and weighed to get an estimated count of 100 per bag. This will be a +/- count of 10 with weight measured to the .1 gram. You may also request to have the screws painted to match the sizing chart that we use at Cyclone FPV. The painting allows for us to differentiate screws sizes when screws end up mixing on the table during a build. All screws are pre-colored at our facility prior to shipping. If you would like to remove the paint from the screws, you can do so using thinner or wd40.

Color Chart Information:

  • 4mm - Green
  • 5mm - Red
  • 6mm - Orange
  • 7mm - Yellow
  • 8mm - Silver
  • 9mm - Orange
  • 10mm - Blue
  • 12mm - Red
  • 14mm - Green
  • 16mm - Yellow
  • 20mm - Silver
  • 25mm - Green
  • 30mm - Red