M2 M3 Hardware Starter Sets for Drones

Cyclone FPV

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M2 M3 Hardware Starter Sets for Drones from Cyclone FPV

We have put together a handful of hardware starter sets that have become the most popular pieces when we assemble or repair drones at our facility in Texas. After receiving requests from our customers, we have put together combinations that we know you will find useful in your building and repair process. 

Our screw/fastener sets come in our round containers that are portioned into 8 sections. We have taken the screws and fasteners and filled them to the top of each container and then listed an estimated count for each one. Please note that the counts will be +- a few depending on how they rest when they are filled. 

All screws are color-coded to match our sizing chart. The purpose is to not only help you quickly pick the size you need but also help you sort them out should you end up with a mess after your build (like we do)!

Color Chart:

6mm - orange, 7mm - yellow, 8mm - silver, 9mm - orange, 10mm - blue, 12mm - red, 14mm - green, 16mm - yellow, 18mm - blue, 20mm - silver

M3 Button Head Container #1:

  • M3 6mm button head screws - 72
  • M3 8mm button head screws - 62
  • M3 10mm button head screws - 48
  • M3 12mm button head screws - 42
  • M3 14mm button head screws - 37
  • M3 16mm button head screws - 28
  • M3 fasteners - 104
  • M3 locking fasteners - 65

(we will the adding M2 button head and socket head sets, M3 socket head sets, and spacer/standoff sets over the Christmas break)