LiPO Battery Replacement Heat Shrink from Cyclone FPV in TEXAS!



Used with our ThunderPower RC LiPOs, this heat shrink is made to fit the 3S - 6S series SugarRush and Adrenaline LiPOs. Sizing is a bit tricky since the battery sizing from TPRC has changed a bit but here is some helpful information for you:

  • 3-4s lipos measuring 30mmx70mm use 4s (30mm or below in height)
  • 4s-5s lipos measuring 40mmx70mm use 5s (30mm-40mm in height)
  • 6s lipos etc measuring more than 40mm in height

Heat Shrink Measurements (before shrinking):

  • 3s-4s heat shrink (62mm x 86mm flat)
  • 4s-5s-6s heat shrink (77mm x 90mm flat)

Please note that you are responsible to make sure that the battery you are using this product on will fit properly. This heat shrink is not returnable so please watch our video and make sure you have selected the proper item before ordering.