Laser-UC5 5inch Racing Drone

Laser-UC5 5inch Racing Drone from Cyclone FPV

The Laser-UC5 5inch Racing Drone is designed to achieve the most exciting racing flights while keeping the pricing of this unit affordable without compromising on the quality of the components.


Here are some other specifications for your review:

If you would like to make this your own project and assemble the complete unit while following along with our online video series, the list below indicates the other items that will be included in your DIY Kit:

  • 12 - M3 10MM Screws (for motors)
  • 12 - M3 Washers (for motors)
  • 4 - M2 16MM Screws (for stack mounting)
  • 4 - M2 5MM Aluminum Standoffs (for stack mounting to Vista)
  • 4 - M2 14MM Screws (for Vista mounting to standoffs)
  • 4 - 6" Zip Ties (for fastening motor wires to frame)
  • 1 - Cap Heat Shrink (to cover capacitor)
  • 4 - 100MM Tape (for fastening motor wires to frame)

Recommended Accessories:

This is the original Live Build for this frame that was filmed on August 16th, 2020