Kim 240V3 Drone Racing Frame

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Kim 240V3 Drone Racing Frame from Cyclone FPV 

The Kim240 V3 has been designed especially for high speed professional FPV racing. The super strong 3mm carbon fiber arms have a built in 10 degree forward angle as does the camera bracket to accommodate high speed flight.

The fuselage is totally enclosed and is constructed from 1.5mm thick carbon fiber with alloy spacers, providing the best possible protection for the included mini power distribution board and your other electronics and VTX equipment.

This frame is definitely all racer and once built and kitted out, will be a serious contender in any race.


  • Tough carbon fiber construction
  • 3mm carbon fiber arms
  • quality fittings, screws and lock nuts
  • Built for speed with 10 degree forward angle on arms


  • Size: 240mm (250 class)
  • Construction materials: Carbon Fiber and Alloy
  • Weight: 150g


  • Kim 240 V3 Quad Racer Frame Kit
  • Mini Power Distribution Board

Recommended Parts: (Not Included)

  • Motors: 2204~2208 1800~2300kv
  • Battery: 1300~1800mah 11.1~14.8V (3~4 cell Lipoly)
  • Propellers: 5 inch
  • ESCS: 10~20A
  • Flight Controller
  • Camera
  • Mini 5.8G transmitter
  • 6ch Radio
  • FPV Equipment